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Who is in the Internet, will meet again on abbreviations and letter combinations, whose meaning is not obvious at first. One of these abbreviations is "kys". The abbreviation is "League of Legends" primarily used in the online game, but can be found again and again in chats and forums.

So that you know for the next appearance notice, can be found here, the meaning of the abbreviation "kys".

The meaning of the most used chat abbreviations in the video:

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What does "kys"?

Like most shortcuts also comes "kys" from English. The letters addressed to you, you should keep a thick skin.

  • The abbreviation "kys" puts the term "kill yourself".
  • Your Opposite therefore asks you ironic this, click to end your life.
  • In general, "kill yourself" course sarcastically meant.
  • The abbreviation is placed in a primarily as a response to an attack in League of Legends.
  • Even stupid senseless acts or statements in chats and forums can bring your Opposite to write you "kys".
  • In some places "KYO" or "KYSO" should be read as an abbreviation. This refers to a weakened form of the above expression: "Knock yourself out."

Some examples of the use:

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That means "KYS"

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you find yourself on the other hand in Denmark and is spoken by a "kys" The situation is more relaxed. translated in German means the "kiss" here. Do you have more abbreviations that bring you question mark in the face? Let us know the unknown shortcut in the comments!

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