League of Legends: Professional Sex is to blame for lousy performance

Sex can inspire before. However, that does not seem to apply to professional players Li "Vasilii" Weijun. He gives the sex even blame for his poor performance.

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This has at least maintained in a statement on the social media site Weibo, the Chinese. Accordingly, the sex have a negative impact on his performances in League of Legends, so he had from then prescribed a abstinenteren life.

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Due to a cold, I had asked to be put down on the bench, so that the success of the team does not suffer. Since the winning streak of the team was not torn down, there was no reason to play again after the cold for me. Therefore, I had given myself a while the physical pleasures. However, it had led to the fact that I played weak in solo play and in the past week, we had even a defeat. For this reason, I have now started a abstinenteren lifestyle.

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can that relationships have a negative impact on the performances of professional players by the way, is nothing new. At the beginning of this year, the E-athlete Alberto "Crumbz published&# 8221; Reengifo a video in which he explained that friends can ruin a LoL player's career.


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