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So far, it is clear that the promising indie game No Man's Sky is expected to reach the PC and the PlayStation 4 this year. However, an online retailer lists the title now for the Xbox One.

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The space &# 8211; the final frontier. We are in a distant future. These are the voyages of the new spaceship No Man's Sky, which is many light years away from Earth on the way to discover new worlds, unknown life forms and new civilizations. No Man's Sky penetrates ago in galaxies that has never seen a human before. Yeah, sure you will all already internally hear her sing a melody, a woman's voice. But this is not only the beginning of all our favorite sci-fi series (#SorrynotSorry their Stargate, Galactica, Dr. Who or Futurama fans out there), but also the promise that Hello Games It makes us no's Sky. One of many reasons why the indie hit for many players is still higher in the hype list than some AAA titles. And currently there is some evidence that the Xbox One players will enjoy the space adventure.

Why could the hype No Man&# 039; s hurt Sky

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Is No Man&# 8217; s Sky for the Xbox One an error?

At least if we believe an entry in the database of our indigenous Amazon. There is also an Xbox One version of No Man's Sky is now just listed. Offering the game however (and obviously) not from Sony, but from the professional trader Game City *No Man's Sky: it work the vast expanse on the Xbox One?. This also simultaneously a PlayStation 4 version of the title on Amazon, although there are long to find an officially sold by Sony version. Also notice that two entries an article image is missing and both No Man's Sky entries are not pre-order or generally imaged. So is it simply a mistake or a bad joke?

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On at least some evidence. Although No Man's Sky received for Xbox One own Amazon Identification Number (ASIN), the entry rather private nature seems to be. It would be surprising though, since Microsoft has been great in the past interest in No Man's Sky expressed for the Xbox One. but that all questions can be answered, we simply wrote to Hello Games and demand. One answer, there is not yet. The Amazon pages from other countries such as the USA, France, Italy and the UK, lists No Man's Sky currently fourth only for the PlayStation Let us therefore assume that for now remains in the previous plans.

And stating that No Man's Sky at first exclusively in June this year and appear simultaneously for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Later Xbox One version is not excluded.

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