Save Galaxy-S8-killer? OnePlus 5T should not yet be expensive

Also this year OnePlus brought us back a drilled version of its current top smartphones. Anyone interested in the new "flagship killer" can look forward: Apparently the OnePlus 5T is no more expensive than its predecessor and could be a cheaper alternative to Galaxy S8. 

Save Galaxy-S8-killer? OnePlus 5T should not yet be expensive

Update, 8/11/2017, 09:30: Apparently the price of the OnePlus 5T should not rise yet. Our colleagues at TechRadar have come into possession of confidential documents of the British mobile radio operator O2. There, the OnePlus 5T is listed with the price of its predecessor - without the expected increase. In addition, suggests the document that there will be a 64 GB version and a model with 128GB of storage again.

Whether the information applies to all markets or for the UK, of course, remains to be seen. If the price of the OnePlus 5T compared to its predecessor but actually do not increase, the Chinese company would have a cheaper alternative to Galaxy S8 in store.

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OnePlus 5T: Chef's Note to the price

In brief, the official presentation of the OnePlus 5T is pending. After Group co-founder Carl Pei has already posted on Twitter a photo that was created with the new Dual Camera of the Estate and we know both the technical data and the final design of the OnePlus 5T thanks to Vivo X20 lacks basically only the answer to one question: What's the OnePlus 5T cost?

This is also a user on the Chinese Twitter equivalent Weibo asked, has not requested directly at times OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. Be 4,000 yuan (around 520 euros) to be enough to be able to afford the OnePlus 5T, "Chinen Night" asked. The answer Lau was not long in coming, "Enough," the OnePlus boss let her know laconically.

What, meanwhile, has the predecessor on the box, you can see five of our test video for OnePlus:

38927OnePlus 5 in the test

OnePlus 5T: 520 euro are "enough"

By comparison, the OnePlus five hits in the base version with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory with 499 euros. The model with all 8GB of memory and 128 GB of internal memory will cost 559 euros. The new model would therefore cost in the base equipment 20 euros more - at least in the conversion of yuan to euro.

Due to various additional costs incurred in a cell phone sales in Germany, we expect more at a premium of 50 euros. Thus, the basic model of the OnePlus would cost 5T 549 euros and the better-equipped version with additional RAM and storage 599 euros.

Even with a maximum price of 599 euros, the OnePlus 5T would still be much cheaper than the competition. For pixel 2 XL Google wants, for example, have 939 euros, while Apple calls even 1,149 euros the iPhone X - and both offer the entry-level version only 64 GB of memory.

Who basically does not want the iPhone X, can look at these alternatives:

Start Photogallery(6 images)Not in the mood to iPhone X? 5 + 2 Android smartphones that are worth more

OnePlus 5T Galaxy S8 as a tough challenger?

but a tough challenger could be the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is to have currently for already around 540 euros:

More offers on

Samsung's flagship 2017er already has a few months under his belt, but still belongs to the Champions League of smartphones. Whether and to what extent the OnePlus 5T can enforce against the now fallen in price spikes smartphones the first half, will show the next few weeks.

Source: Weibo, via Phone Arena

Note: The product image shows a leak, on the supposedly the OnePlus 5T is seen. 


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