use Sky On Demand without internet: Is that possible?

Who wants to make full use of its pay-TV subscription to Sky, connects the receiver to the Internet. So you can access online via "Sky on Demand" on numerous content. But can be "Sky on Demand" and use without an internet connection?

"Sky on Demand" is Sky customers with their respective packages and the Sky + - or the new Sky + -Pro-receiver available. Depending on the package chosen thousands of films, videos, documentaries and more can then be accessed from the Internet and brought to the TV. If you can not connect to the Internet or its receiver wants to can at least access to a few Sky-on-demand content.

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Sky On Demand without using the Internet: What goes, what does not?

Each night the Sky receiver automatically loads without internet a selection of titles on the TV signal on the hard disk of Sky + -Receivers. Selection is made by Sky itself. The films and series can then be accessed via Sky-on-demand and without an active Internet connection. This content can then be played immediately. varies the availability and number of different titles, and also depends on the size of the connected to the receiver hard drive. So programs can be loaded onto the receiver, the smart card should be stuck in the receiver and the unit can not be separated from the mains.

use Sky On Demand without internet: Is that possible?

The offer, however, is severely limited compared to the available with an internet connection contents. For optimal use of "Sky on Demand" should therefore connect the receiver to the Internet.

Sky On Demand without internet: does it work?

"Sky on Demand" originated from "Sky Anytime". The offer can be accessed via the blue button on the Sky remote control and provides access to numerous content from the Sky booked packages that can be accessed independent of time.

use Sky On Demand without internet: Is that possible?

Can you the receiver does not connect to the Internet and want to still see online Sky program, we recommend a look at the new Sky tickets. With us you also learn what you can do if the exclamation point at the Sky receiver lights up and whether you can receive Sky without receiver.

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