Persona 5: 9 tips that we would like to know before the game start

Persona 5 is already now one of the games highlights 2017 but requires some training time, until you open up the complex ways to play completely. Also we have only gradually learned during the game, which the Japanese-RPG has to offer can do. But all the better, because we can give you at this point 9 tips that you will be very useful before the game start.

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Later than our test to Persona 5 should have made clear to you that you upon you PS3 or PS4 not should not miss this RPG pearl. When everyday life as a high school student in Tokyo and chasing shadows in the metaverse, there are many things to consider and our Tips give you valuable aids which facilitate you the J-RPG properly.

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Saves your SP!

One of the most important Tips we can give you, it is, in Palaces (the Dungeons in Persona 5) Economical with your SP deal with it. SP are your Skill Points and as mana in other RPGs work. You will only be fully recharged when you left a Palace again.

The longer you your SP-stock holding upn can, the more you can move forward and make progress in a single day in a Palace. Thus saving you time and can use other days for other important activities. Observed therefore necessarily following Tips on proper use of the SP:

  • Do not delay your Yen for healing items at the clinic in Yogen Jaya or to use in other stores. So you need your SP not waste for healing, but can use them for combat skills.
  • does not use the auto-recover function per square button outside of combat. It consumes valuable SP and prevents you is much progress in one day in a Palace.
  • Provides the Tactics of your party members on &# 8220; Conserve SP&# 8221; or &# 8220; Direct Commandos&# 8221; on. So you have full Control of the SP-consumption of your companions.
  • Some objects cause damage or status changes in enemies. these often uses instead of your skills, try the SP.
persona-5-tips weaponsAlso firearms help in saving SP. Many Persona are susceptible to them. The ammunition is however, only replenished when leaving the Palace.

always have picks it!

Lockpicks (Lockpicks) are infiltrating tools that ye produced at the workbench in your room can. Within a day's time, you can craft you up to two picks at once what your Proficiency elevated. With each rank you can then create an infiltration tool more per pass.

Picks are so important because their in Palaces (Dungeons) times repeatedly find treasure chests will. While you can open them without a problem some, others require a lock pick. It's always annoying there when you have to be a treasure chest on your left when you no Dietrich did it. They include namely valuable loot and her they should not miss you.

On a related note, that Palaces finally dissolve by the end bossn and unopened chests are then lost forever. so take always enough picks with in advance, so you must not return later to certain places in the dungeon chests. The fighting on the way you taste namely again valuable SP.

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Sleeping can you when you're dead

Never goes to sleep early! In the game, there should be no day when you go to bed early. Uses any time of the day to the full, read books, provides tools on the workbench ago or take a relaxing bath in the bath house just around the corner of Leblanc.

Only when you from the game, or Morgana will explicitly informed that you can just go to sleep, it's ok to do this. Everything else is a waste of valuable time in the game, as the calendar year progresses relentlessly ahead and there are always ways you sense it and Improve your social skills can be used.

persona-5-tips-timeTime is running relentlessly in person. 5 Take advantage of them!

the strengths and weaknesses of your uses Persona

each persona has its own Strengths and weaknesses, forming the core member of the combat system. You should thereby following Tips heed:

  • tries as possible many different Persona to have this, which are strong for different elements or types of damage. And your enemies all have different element weaknesses, can you then better respond to.
  • The &# 8220; Weak&-Einblendung; # 8221 shows you always whether a persona for that item is particularly vulnerable. By catching a Persona, directly tell you all the strengths and weaknesses of this kind. For unknown enemies you have to turn first to attack with different types of damage and use this to determine the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take if possible no persona with that are prone to Light or Dark are, because some enemies have attacks of this type that can kill you with one blow.
persona-5-tips-persona-weakeningIn this case, a persona from the wind is vulnerable. Morgana's Persona Zorro can exploit this perfectly.

Soothes the trophy hunter in you

The charge icon &# 8220; Take your time&# 8221;, which you get to see the bottom right of each loading screen, is deceptive. Persona 5 is designed so that you do not create all activities in an innings can. You will remain in the game only a year's time and you should take a first innings to certain Confidants (familiar) or Social talents (Social Stats) focus rather than trying to take it all somehow.

This also applies to the list of all trophies in Persona 5. In our view, it is impossible to unlock all Trophies in an innings. So you have about bring all 21 confidants to 10th or SA ll improve maximum Social Stats. The year has just about a few days for it. Therefore: &# 8220; Take your time&# 8221; and enjoys Persona 5 across multiple game passages.

Attacks enemies always ambush on

In Persona 5 there the first time a stealth system. Through this you can check out via the pressure X button hiding in corners or behind objects and patrolling enemies then attack from ambush, which you through the &# 8220; Ambush&-Einblendung; # 8221 is clarified. In this way, you should always start the fighting.

This you shall always fighting perform the first strike and so usually wins after the first trains of your party. The stealth system assigns it a lot of mistakes and you can to run from the rear onto enemies and press X when the display is visible. This then is still considered ambush.

Let ye first, however, discover the enemy, they have the first strike and you have been plugging damage before you can act independently. In addition, rising at a discovery of Security Level of a Palace at. achieved this 100%, will you thrown out of the Palace and can again until the next day as it comes. This you lost valuable time for other activities.

persona-5-tips hinterhaltAs soon as &# 8220; Ambush&# 8221; appears to strike!

Visited places at the right times

to your Yield points for your Social Stats maximize visited certain places for activities always at the right time. For example, you get more Charm (Charisma), if you do Bathhouse Yongen Jaya Mondays or Thursdays visits because there is then particularly effective medicine baths here.

In addition, you should in Cafe in Shibuya learn when it rains. Because then you get the maximum yield of Knowledge Points, since the Cafè then has less guests and can learn their much more effective. Almost all the places in the game have such special rules and you can this ever in main menu under System → Tutorials read. So planning your day right and be as effective as possible there.

Keep your confidants in mind

The Relationships with your confidants (familiar) are very important in Persona 5 and reward you by ranking rises with new skills. What you probably did not know: You can see at any time what your confidant just where available. Calls for the Map on your mobile phone presses and Square button. This gets her information about the confidants and where they are located.

In addition, you will be the Relationship progress displayed with them via Symbol:

  • UP !! means that you stand with a Confidant just before a rank advancement.
  • At a blue card you have already unlocked the Confidant, but are still far from the next rank advancement.
  • The gray card shows you at last, that you have not the required Social Stats for a conversation with them or have not spoken to them since your first meeting.
persona-5-tips confidantsHanging with your friends from (confidants) to improve the ranks.

never goes out of the house without a book

As you know by now Time management is one of the most important aspects in Persona 5. We therefore advise you necessarily always have unread book in your bag there. It occurs, sometimes that her in the daytime &# 8220; Early Morning&# 8221; have some time on their way to school in the car. Here you can then read a book and then one of your improve social Stats. Sometimes the books is read the only thing you can do on rainy days or lonely nights.

Persona 5: All Books - sites and effects

Your always can check out a book indefinitely from the school library borrow the upper floor of the Shujin Academy. Also the Bookstore in Shibuya has numerous books on offer that you should take a little for yen to buy all.

Tip! always pays attention to the Info texts in the books and read only those that improve a social Stat. Do not waste time with books that you to new places draw attention when you will anyway come to these places in the course of the story. Even books that you a new teach Skill, are more for the second innings.

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