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One of the biggest advantages of steady union among the console and PC industry: the control in games is now largely standardized. Unless it just is a hardcore simulator, you can assume that each new game with a game controller such as the Xbox 360 controller is running smoothly. But what happens when you gamble an older game and still do not want to give up your modern controller? The Presser program is created exactly for this case. Thanks Presser every game with the controller can be operated - even if it was not originally designed. We explain the somewhat cumbersome configuration you with this JoyToKey instructions.

Presser Tutorial Step 1: Preparations

After you've installed Presser and be sure that your standard game controller is connected, you open the program.


If you want to run several games on Presser and not totally get confused, it is recommended to create a separate profile for each game. Click to left click below on the menu item "Create" and give the profile name of the game.


Quoted you the commands Presser earlier

Next, you should write out to you all (or at least the most important) commands of each game. Otherwise, you must later change again and again into play in order to see which key is assigned to which action. Mostly you will find these in the control settings of the game. For controlled with mouse and keyboard standard FPS, the command list for could. B. look like this.

  • go to Front: W
  • go Links: A
  • go back: S
  • go to right: D
  • Look: Mouse-axis X / Y
  • Primary weapon: Left mouse button
  • Secondary Weapon: Right mouse button
  • Flashlight: F
  • Jump: spacebar
  • Cower: Shift

Presser guide Phase 2: The Options Presser in detail

On the left side you now see an overview of the available buttons of your controller. can be found under the heading "Function" to "Disabled" message, i the relevant controller button is still not assigned a command. We want to change.

Seek out the you want to configure and click, double click on the button out. To check which button on the controller button corresponding to each entry, you just press the button on the controller - the entry will be highlighted in yellow.


a menu where you can configure the button now appears. The main riders are "Keyboard" and "Mouse".


To assign a keyboard command to the button, it changes to the tab "Keyboard" and give in the window on the top left the respective key a, e.g. Spacebar.


Analog does it work for mouse. Changes to the tab "Mouse&# 8221; and selects the button of each mouse button. Selects e.g. the A button of your X Box 360 controller, then click on "Mouse" and select "Button Click Left". If you press now A on the controller, it performs the "left-click" command and used in the game your primary weapon.


If you want to transfer movements to the stick of your game controller, you first select the respective key and the appropriate direction from the menu, for example, Stick 2 left. Now it has the desired key to, for example, A. Pressing her on the right stick of your Xbox 360 controller to the left, the A button is now running and you walk to the left.


simulate mouse movement with JoyToKey

With our Presser guide, we are therefore still not quite over. We need to clarify how her mouse movements want to transfer (for example, for looking around) that is still.

Selects this, first the respective stick with the corresponding movement direction, e.g. Stick one on the right. Now you'll switch to the tab "Mouse, where her under the heading" finds Mouse Emulation "point" cursor movement ".


The sliders are available for each direction: left / right or top / bottom. To as to simulate a mouse movement to the right, moving her the slider to the right. The number below the slider represents the strength of the rash - for most games reaches a value of 25, with her optionally a little need to try experimenting here.

Just as the principle works for all other directions: Just looking out the stick and the corresponding direction and move the slider in the desired direction.

Here you can watch Presser


Bonus tips for advanced users Presser

To use the right or left trigger your Xbox 360 gamepads (especially popular for shooting) you first need to enable Presser since Presser interprets the trigger as an axis and not as a button both buttons.

  • Changes to the Options tab. Here you will find the stick / POV menu.
  • By default, the "Stick x 2 + x 1 POV" option is enabled - it will change to "Show all Axes (8 + POV Way x 2).
  • Now the two triggers are recognized and you can prove it as described above.


In some games it can lead to so-called input lag coming, if you configure the analog sticks of the gamepad: The movements in the game are vague because the controller further deflects as it should.

  • To prevent the changes you first to the "Options" menu.
  • Here you will find the option "Threshold for Input".
  • Seek out the particular stick out and change the value using the slider. Most rich values ​​by 25% but again, it is a little even try.


And that's it!

One final note: Presser basically works with every game. However, some genres (real-time strategy games, flight simulators, point-and-click adventure games) are not really designed for controller. Although it is theoretically possible to play Starcraft 2 with controller: it is not really fun. Best suited the program is for older console titles that were indeed ported to the PC, but you only have insufficient or no controller support.

Games that are well run with as Presser

  • Prince of Persia &# 8211; Sands of Time
  • Thief: Deadly Shadows
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

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