The culling: Tips and Tricks in Survival Guide

16 competitors, 20 minutes, Arena. In Survival Battle The culling you have little time, but many options to crafting weapons and traps and to be the only survivor. But this is not easy because you have a variety of options to make it your colleagues as uncomfortable as possible. Tips for The Culling found in this guide.

In Battle Royale Game The culling can you your character based on Perks individualize. Think about good, what three skills you select. You determine your character and your gameplay. Finding the perfect center from Attention and Aggression. You are too cautious, you may not have the fighting; dashes to her fast and aggressive, you make a stupid mistake and did not survive the first few minutes. Find out useful tips and tricks for The Culling, make sure to read the following guide carefully.

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The culling: Survive With these tips and tricks in the Arena

In the Early Access version of The culling is there 24 melee weapons. Among them is their axes, spears or sticks. The Katana is one of the strongest weapons in Survival Battle. You will also can any weapon throw, which is particularly useful in sharp fighting equipment. Nearly every weapon causes another wound. So you need a lot of practice to emerge in this Battle Royale as the winner.

Seek out a melee weapon and kill other playersSeek out a melee weapon and kill other playersThe cullingdownloadQR codeThe cullingDeveloper: XaviantPrice: 22,99 €

Would you rather set traps, pursue as brutal on other players? In The culling you have a number of traps to choose from &# 8211; of mines on pitfalls or crow's feet to step bamboo traps. The Crafting system is simple and allows you to quickly produce rudimentary weapons, traps or bandages. Game-show events the situation can change properly while you called again airdrops provide useful items and weapons.

Thanks go to reader Narazga. It summarizes the most important aspects as follows: You definitely will on the Search focus, F.U.N.C. build up and fetch you airdrops. Fighting for useful items and loot. Especially Loot is crucial.

So you survive in the arena

In the tutorial you learn the most important functions of The Culling know. There are, for example, F.U.N.C. The acronym stands for Flexible Universal Nano Compound. Expanding its F.U.N.C. on, can you Remove reinforcements disassemble and your environment into basic elements. That you combine them with other items in order to craft useful items you. Do not you know what you can combine with each other, we need only print Esc. Here you see the crafting recipes consisting of weapons, traps, ammunition, armor and healing items. of course, the whole thing cost you F.U.N.C. energy. Ye receive of blue recycle machines, if they should come to you. easy exchange collected items to F.U.N.C. on.


The following items bring you F.U.N.C .:

  • Rock Branch, Knife: 1x F.U.N.C.
  • caltrop: 3x F.U.N.C. 
  • Hatchet, Spear: 4x F.U.N.C.
  • Bow: 6x F.U.N.C.
  • Alarm Gun, Brass Knuckles, Hammer, muscleman Milk, Steel Snare, Skin-4-Life, Stamina Shot, Stun Gun, Tonfa, Man Tracker, Bandage, Explosive Runs: 10x F.U.N.C.
  • Pepper Spray: 15x F.U.N.C.
  • Backpack, Steel Pipe, Cleaver, Med Kit, Crowbar, Ice Ax, Javelin, Tanto Knife: 20x F.U.N.C.
  • Survival Spear, Baseball Bat, Tactical Machete Bowie Knife, Pipe Wrench, Explosive Mine, Tomahawk, Impact Grenade, Kukri: 25x F.U.N.C.
  • Sledgehammer, Dynamite, Remote Explosive, Orange Juice, Recurve Bow, Saber: 30x F.U.N.C.

The culling: Hunger Games - The Game

Also lying around Body Parts or skeletons bring you energy. You hear it from afar because flies flying above them. So pay attention to a low hum and brings you the extra F.U.N.C. energy. Below we have more useful Tips and Tricks for you so that you find yourself quickly in The Culling dogs:

  • uses a Melee weapon. Should you be lucky and a ranged weapon found, they will certainly be torn you from the hand quickly.
  • Do you have a alarm Gun, uses it to launch airdrops. With her goals is facilitated.
  • SMG Rifle and revolver are the most popular and best weapons in the game.
  • Shoots with a arc or pistol on gas tank to make them explode. Alternatively, you can also throw a weapon.
  • You made an enemy locate, run up to him and shoves him. This gives you an advantage in battle.
Throw a gun in the back of your opponents in order to weaken itThrow a gun in the back of your opponents in order to weaken it
  • never turns your Compared to the move to. but if he does that, your weapon throws into his back, to slow it down and withdraw the same valuable HP.
  • The best weapon can not help you if your Health low is. Increases it only once before ye crashes in the attack.
  • lowers your endurance under 50 points, slows your movement. Your expertise also add to less damage. So make that your endurance never reached this limit. not running in the woods wildly when eh is no enemy near you. Saves on your stamina!
  • If a competitor a ranged weapon and has the advantage of a weapon upon Him. So leaves he his fighting unit fall.

requires you further help? The YouTuber madmaster has created a very helpful video:

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