sic: meaning and explanation

Anyone reading texts on the Internet, magazines and books on a regular basis, will meet from time to time on the phrase "sic". Typically, this is used in parentheses after a sentence or phrase. Often also followed by an exclamation point. But what is the meaning of (sic) or ? In our guide you will find the answer.

sic: meaning and explanation

is predominantly in academic and scientific texts, eg. B. papers, articles and other scientific papers used. However, the phrase echoed by the daily editorial content.

What does "sic"?

  • The short word "sic" is usually used directly for a quote.
  • The amendment is intended to indicate that the quote was taken literally.
  • The stakes are especially important when false information or misspellings are in the citation.
  • Contradictions, outdated spelling or other errors are indicated by (sic).
  • In this way the author wants to signal that the quote was taken over in the original and the spelling errors can also be found in the cited source.
  • Thus the peculiarity of the quote should be highlighted.
  • In newspapers and texts, the term is also used to signal to the reader that it is in the preceding error to not have its own writing or printing error.

sic: meaning and explanation

The short word "sic" comes from the Latin. Literally translated it "really" means or "so". Use example can you (sic) z. As if their sayings of the Facebook page "Thoughtful sayings with images" literally quoted.


With us you will find explanations of other common terms. So you learn from us about, which means TLDR what is meant by "BFF" and what is behind the term "All your base are belong to us".

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