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Gone are the days of the annoying cable connections: MyPhoneExplorer Client combines the smartphone on the common WiFi interface with notebook and PC. Gained enables move data, photos and contacts between the two units comfortable. 

We have the APK file of the app for manual download for you. Who strikes can look forward to a potent tool that working with smartphone and PC facilitates immensely. The MyPhoneExplorer Client APK takes care of the automatic synchronization of all data you want. That is, if the mobile device and laptop to the same Wi-Fi network are, the database is automatically transferred.

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MyPhoneExplorer Client APK: That makes the app

Whether e-mails from different accounts, SMS, individual apps or calendar entries, and even call logs: Using the APK of the user transmits all important data files on the notebook. If the phone get lost or simply break down, then at least the last synchronized data inventory still available. The connection is then established via the wireless network, the user must therefore always be no longer necessarily a cable to have on hand in order to transmit the data.

  • MyPhoneExplorer Client APK Download
  • MyPhoneExplorer Client APK Download

MyPhoneExplorer Client APK: How the manual installation

The installation of the APK is not difficult: simply download the APK, either directly on the phone or on the PC. In the latter case, the file must be easily copied to your smartphone then, where it is then subsequently opened. Then simply folgen.Wichtig the requirements: The installation works, must be specified in the security settings of the smartphone that apps from "unknown origin" or from "unreliable sources" may be installed. Also to note: In order for the synchronization work, the application of the same must be installed on the PC as well.

Who wants to read more accurately: Here you will find a guide on APK install &# 8211; Android Apps without Google Play Store.

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  • MyPhoneExplorer Client APK Download Android: How the APK installation


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