Screen protector are properly applied – no bubbles, no dust (Guide)

You want to protect your phone from scratches and other damage and replace a screen protector for this purpose? So you sure do not have to leave a lot of money in the store, we show you in our guide as you get the film on your screen simply and with everyday means, without leaving bubbles or dust.

Screen protector are properly applied - no bubbles, no dust (Guide)

Have you bought you a screen protector in the store, you go almost directly to the attachment. However, it is several things to consider, so you have no Hucke Lober space on your phone later. We tell you what that is.

Screen protector are properly applied: Preparation

Before you claps the film on your smartphone, you should know some of the tools to the side, the bubbles and dust should keep away from the protective film. You will need:

  • Use commercially available glass cleaner
  • Kitchen towel (no paper, rather microfiber)
  • Dust-free work surface
  • Scotch tape

utensils attach screen protector film

Attach screen protector correctly: Let's go

Do you have concocted you all utensils, it can seamlessly merge into the attachment of the film.

  1. Cleans with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth the display of your smartphone (glass cleaner onto the cloth give)
  2. Draws a bit on the protective film at the top, without to touch the sticky side with your fingers
  3. now positioned the upper edge of the adhesive film on your smart phone, until it is flush with the above telephone
  4. now attracting the protective sheet down and away and let this adhesive film slowly sink to the display

Actually quite simple. If that should last a little longer with you that's no problem at all: Good 'things take time. Take your time!

Excellent is explained that in the video of DiposTV:

bubbles screen protector and make dust

Did you but once air bubbles or dust particles trapped under the film, nothing is lost. In blowing a knife-like object (credit card, set square) with which it has put on the air from side to side helps.

Are still dirt under the screen protector, you take just two strips of adhesive tape, brings one to one corner of the film and thus lifts her up a bit. With the other piece of scotch tape from now, to smuggle her the dust or fluff without further contamination at the display.

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