No false hope: The Nexus 5 will get no Android N

Google has not officially announced only two days ago Android N, but for many Nexus devices, as well as a preview version of the pixel C provided. was left out while the Nexus 5 - still stubbornly currently holds the rumor that there is evidence of an Android N update for the Nexus smartphone. The hope is understandable, but based on a false assumption.

No false hope: The Nexus 5 will get no Android N

Currently, the hopeful customer walks around on relevant news sites that the Nexus 5 maybe the update is still available on Android N. Acceptance of the assertion: An updated entry in the version managing Google Nexus 5, after the new OS version has been released, with the notation "N Android Preview 1". What many now assume: Although the Nexus 5 does not receive the new firmware as a developer preview in the first slip, Google seems to work at least an active part in the new version in the background. Why else would you make such an entry? No later than the official release of Android N including Nexus should be allowed to enjoy five-user at the update.

As far as the wishful thinking.

Last year, all believed in Android 6.0 for Nexus 4

Entry or not: In fact, the Nexus 4 has never received Android 6.0.Entry or not: In fact, the Nexus 4 has never received Android 6.0.

Actually committing at this conclusion, but a serious error - one that, among other things we have done in the past year. We remember: When the entry "android-m-preview" has been spotted in version management when Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2012) and Nexus 10, flared briefly the hope that appropriate equipment would despite her age still an update to Android received 6.0 marshmallow. Not only do we notice on the colleague Artem Russakovskii our assumption shortly afterwards (guiltily) had to revise - as we now know, Android 6.0 is actually never appeared for these devices.

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The entry is most likely completely automatically generated

Is it pure sadism or malice, which Google to drive to lead us so deceived? Maybe. The more likely assumption is that the entry for all devices current is automatically generated are still supported. Say: As soon as a preview version of Android N is entered, an appropriate day for every smartphone and tablet in version management is created that has not reached end-of-life status yet (in terms of software support, not production) ,

So what we are left as knowledge? Technically, the Nexus 5 would be absolutely able to to get the Android N update. It will be a purely economic issue for Google is rather whether the investment of developer resources is worthwhile. With the past in view must unfortunately found that Nexus devices are not immune, eventually losing the goodwill of Google. So it does not appear unreasonable that Marshmallow is the terminus for the Nexus 5 - even we can not look to the future and Google may still pity. But even if not, the developer community behind the device is so vivid that a fully functional custom ROM Android N is only a matter of time.

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