Final Fantasy 15: Battle System – All about the fighting

In Final Fantasy 15, the combat system from wild real-time battles will consist instead of turn-based strategy. We've collected all the facts about the upcoming series, part of Square Enix and explain to you in detail how missed her as Prince Noctis your opponents a royal thrashing!

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Age is tactical battles you will look in vain in Final Fantasy 15, for Prince Noctis and his buddy Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto cut and shoot better on their enemies in real time. This system, which is closest to the battle system of Final Fantasy Type-0, called Active X Battle.

Final Fantasy 15: combat system - all from a single source

If you're in the game world in Final Fantasy 15 on the road, her monsters and opponents see from a distance as they roam around, looking for prey. If you such a beast on the road running, you have a limited time to run for it, otherwise the game switches to combat mode.

Final Fantasy 15-03If you do not flee in time, there is a fight.

Here, however, the game world is maintained, you were in before the fight. You can you move freely and still need this too, such as when the enemy is and with a ranged weapon in an elevated position not rankommt her. You can also fighting still flee with some difficulty and other enemies can later join the fight!

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Resource management in the fight

In the fight then all about resources. More specifically so-called mana points (MP). That you use all sorts of offensive and defensive skills and since their much dodging and blocking must in the action combat, you should your MP-stock always keep in mind.

Final Fantasy 15-05With the right technique you manage any enemy.

In addition, there are other defensive options, including a defensive Teleport or not an alternative role that does not cost any MP but you also moved far from the battle. Your MP regenerate the way slowly in the fight, as well as your life.

Three buttons for victory

Basically, you need only three buttons and control knobs while Active X Battle. One button is for the attack, one for the defense and one for interactions with other group members. This may sound like a small draft, but according to the developers, the exact nature of an action should change depending on the situation.

Final Fantasy 15-06In combat you control only Noctis, but also has a lot on it.

For example, an attack out of the block is a nasty counterattack or a jump attack particularly hard. The same applies to the other key actions. Depending on what situation and with what previous action or movement you apply an action, it will work differently. This is the simple approach in the system is very complex and not a silly buttons hammers.

Tag Team Takedown

A special feature of Active-X Battle system is also the interaction button. So you lead - again depending on the situation - combo attacks with your comrades. For example, a team block in which Gladiolus protective jumping in front of the opponent and Noctis a good chance to counterattack offers.

Final Fantasy 15-06The brave Gladiolus arises in the team combo to meet the enemy.

This team maneuvers are becoming more effective, the more Noctis has grown his comrades warmly. So the more the group together is growing and has experienced together, the more powerful and rehearsed them as a team.

Magic and weapons

Of course, should - not lack magic - as in all Final Fantasy parts. However, only Noctis may conjure up properly because magic in the world of the game is only open to people who had in their childhood with the death touch. Thanks to this childhood trauma but Noctis can use powerful spells and thick critters called Archeans summon. Further, there's also known from the previous series parts limit breaks, allowing particularly powerful special attacks.

Final Fantasy 15-07Noctis and his Limit Break ability.

Furthermore, your hero Noctis may borrow up to five weapons in his "deck". The prince then selects depending on the enemy and the situation of the right weapon. Therefore, it makes sense to make himself even before the fight thoughts that you will most likely need at expected skirmishes weapons. Especially as the weather in certain circumstances, affect the course of the fight and in some weapons and attacks triggers special effects. For example, increased fire risk in dry weather.

All features of Final Fantasy 15

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