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Program for easily creating diagrams

The program Diagram Designer serves to generate flow charts and vector graphics. With a few clicks this tool you are using a lot of predefined objects available that you can apply in your charts.

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After Diagram Designer download and its faster and easier installation, you should be able to create charts and Illustrations of all kinds. The free software is to help you to make flow charts, schematics of working and production processes, visualization of design ideas and much more.

This network diagram freeware features despite their simplicity many useful functions. On the one hand is a customizable template palette. Simply drag & Drop You can insert ready-made shapes and text blocks and adjust at will, and import image files of various formats such as WMF, EMF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MNG, ICO, GIF, PCX. Using arrows or lines individual objects can be linked together. In this way arise gradually even complex diagrams. In addition, there is also a simple graphic plotter for representing mathematical content available. Other features include a slideshow viewer to the charts to demonstrate how a presentation as well as a built-in calculator, which is able to solve mathematical equations.

integrated into the Diagram Designer is also the MeeSoft Image Analyzer to edit bitmap files and can save in other formats. Another advantage of the program is that a compressed file format used to store, so that the size of the files does not take the upper hand.

Design and operation of the program Diagram Designer

The design of the software is functional. Visually, it is definitely one not necessarily to the eye-catchers, thus affecting the functionality but does not affect. In this program, everything is focused on its usefulness. In the right pane of the window provides a drop-down menu is available, where you can select a wide variety of geometric shapes for your chart components. There are both rectangles, diamonds, triangles and ellipses and different arrows and lines to choose from. At the top is the menu bar and toolbar, which, as usual, by many other programs, various functions can be accessed.

Screenshot of the surface of the Diagram Designer
Simple and easy to understand &# 8211; The surface of the Diagram Designer

The handling of the Diagram Designer is relatively simple. Because of the many pre-made design possibilities that can then be adapted quickly and easily to the individual needs of each user, the program is a handy tool to create diagrams with the free and easy possible.

Similar programs and alternatives to Diagram Designer

A similar program, however, is a paid alternative, Visio, which belongs to the office suite from Microsoft. Even with Visio, the individual elements and connection lines drag & Drop drawn in the drawing area. The further handling is also similar. Those who value the design of the program is probably better off with Visio, because the user interface simple? Chic? is. Other alternatives include Draw from the LibreOffice Suite and the yEd graph editor. Both programs are free and come with a rich feature set. Draw with even the creation of 3D objects is possible.

If you want to create, and to graphically kept simple diagrams and place not too much emphasis on a chic appearance of the program, the Diagram Designer is a perfectly practicable tool for you. also, for this program speaks that you can download it and use. Would you like to create visually but more elaborate graphics, the software is rather less. In addition, there are other programs that serve the same purpose, free of charge.

A good alternative to fee-based programs

The Chart Designer provides definitely a good and free alternative to fee-based program Visio from Microsoft. After only a short training period you will be able to create complex charts and graphs. There are numerous applications available that can be customized. If it is sufficient you to create diagrams graphically simplistic held, the Diagram Designer is download a good choice. However Place a high value on an attractive appearance of the program and in a visually high-quality graphics, the software for you is not the optimal choice.

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