Cable Germany: cancel and delete security package

If you book an internet connection with cable Germany, often gets a security package *Cable Germany: cancel and delete security packagemade available for Internet access. This can be used three months free, then a monthly subscription fee. If you no longer want to access the security software of cable Germany after the trial period, you must terminate the security package.

Cable Germany: cancel and delete security package

The termination can be carried out by post, both by e-mail when. The cable Germany security package is a collection of content, protect the computer from viruses, malware and spam. In addition, this includes a child lock for the home PC.

Cable Germany: cancel and delete security package

Although the contents of the cable Germany security package are not useless, but there is especially among anti-virus programs and firewalls, applications that do not need to be paid monthly. Certain functions such. As the spam protection or the firewall can often even set free on the PC.

  • Do you want to cancel security package cable Germany, you should note here the period of four weeks.
  • Those who already have security software on conclusion of the Internet Treaty, the security package may terminate immediately after activation of Internet access.
  • The cable Germany security package can be both written and canceled via e-mail.
  • Do you want to terminate the security package by mail, the notice sent to:
    Kabel Deutschland
    Customer Service
    99116 Erfurt
  • Fax the notice goes to the number 0180-5 29 99 25
cable-Germany-security package-screenshot The security package with cable Germany*

Cable Germany: cancel and delete security package

Alternatively, you can cancel Germany security package online the cable:

  1. Gets use the contact form on the website of cable Germany.
  2. In the drop down menu "For what topic you want to write us?" You select the "Email section & Services "-" security package "from.
  3. In the second menu you choose "Termination".
  4. Click on "Go to form".
  5. Fills out the form with all necessary data.
  6. In particular, the customer number and contract number should be included on the form for online cancellation of cable Germany security package.

cable-Germany-security package

As a denunciation Text can you z. use example, the following formulation:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby resign as soon as possible the security package for my cable Germany contract with the contract number XXX. My customer number is 123. Please confirm your cancellation in writing, stating the termination date.

Best regards,

After clicking on "Submit without attachments" the notice is sent. In general, the confirmation should be within a few days in the mailbox. If this is not the case, you should phone consultation with the cable Germany support hold.

Cable Germany security package download

Anyone who wants to protect his computer with the provided applications, you can download the security package with cable Germany. Login you a * for download on the cable Germany websiteCable Germany: cancel and delete security package. can be found under "My Services" to "security package" section. There you click on the button "Download now" right next to "Current Software for Windows".

cable-Germany-security package

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