disable iCloud: How it works with iOS, Windows and Mac

The iCloud is your private cloud storage in its data from your iPhone, iPad or Mac can also take online. Will you no longer store data in Apple's cloud your data, you can disable the iCloud.

disable iCloud: How it works with iOS, Windows and Mac

We show you how to turn off syncing its data with the iCloud and what you should consider it.

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iCloud disable the iPhone and iPad

iCloud offAfter disabling the iCloud any personal data, including music, photos, contacts or emails are out of sync. Go on the iPhone and iPad as follows:

  1. Opens the "Settings" app.
  2. Controls the entry "iCloud" on.
  3. Selects here "Delete Account".
  4. In this way, iCloud is disabled on the iOS device, data is no longer stored in the cloud.
  5. Deleting all photo streams, files and documents will be deleted on could be accessed via iCloud on your device. Contacts, bookmarks and Co. can remain on the device.

On the Mac, you control to the Apple menu and select System Preferences from there. Here, the options for the "iCloud" find. After clicking on "Logout" iCloud is disabled on the Mac. Open Windows users iCloud application and sign accordingly to turn off the synchronization of the own data with iCloud.

Alternatively, individual iCloud functions can be switched off. Controls again above the settings for the iCloud described. Here you can then set up what data should be shared with the iCloud and what your device will not leave. These include,. As mail, calendar and contacts.

iCloud disable

disable iCloud: that one should note

By the above described deleting the iCloud data remains on other devices that are linked with the iCloud access is obtained. Do you want to delete iCloud on all your Apple devices, which currently works only on the full cancellation of one's Apple ID. Used for this purpose the designated Apple this form. Equivalent to delete the Apple ID is the loss of all data associated with it. Also purchased Apps can thus no longer be accessed.

As you also show how you can use the iCloud with Android.

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