iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s: iOS 11.0.3 solves serious problems

Apple has released a new update for iOS. 11 iOS 11.0.3 fixes some problems - the update is worthwhile but especially for owners of an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 6s.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s: iOS 11.0.3 solves serious problems

iOS 11.0.3 fixes iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s problems

Since yesterday evening, iPhone and iPad users can download the version 11.0.3 of iOS. The update fixes several issues, according to Apple. but the company thereby lifting out especially bugs that affect users of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

So it could happen after updating to iOS 11 the iPhone 7 (Plus) that the "haptic feedback" - that vibrate and / or significant movements of the "Taptic Engine" - did not work properly. Even when outputting audio signals problems could occur.

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For iPhone 6s users the update is especially interesting when eventually the display of your device have be exchanged: The update to iOS 11 could cause the touchscreen does not work anymore, if someone has a repair with non-original Apple parts had performed.

Apple refers explicitly state that can have disadvantages in terms of image quality with it "fake" displays and do not function properly. However, the incompatibility with iOS 11 is no longer present with iOS 11.0.3.

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Beta of IOS 11.1 runs parallel

The update is available via Software Update of the OS. In parallel, the beta testing of iOS 11.1, the interested can try out already running.


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