Installing and uninstalling Amazon Assistant – How it works

The Amazon Assistant is a useful tool to help you with various search and comparison options for shopping on the Internet and you just served from your Web browser. We show you how to install the Amazon Assistant, which brings you the tool and how you can remove the Amazon Assistant again.

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When shopping on the internet more options available to the customer today than ever open. Many users access driven primarily known vendors such as Amazon, but often left feeling that they had somewhere still a better deal can be found. With the browser extension Amazon Assistant exactly the past should belong &# 8211; the tool offers you extensive opportunities for comparison and allows you to see at a glance the best deal on Amazon.

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Install Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant is an extension that ye installed directly in your favorite browser. So you have to download any additional programs on your computer, but uses the tool directly in the browser. So you installed you the Amazon Assistant:

Install Amazon Assistant

  1. Click on this link *Installing and uninstalling Amazon Assistant - How it works
  2. On the new page you click then Install now button for (your browser).
  3. Then you follow the instructions and adds an extension to the browser.

After that you will find the Amazon Assistant top right of your browser. The extension is indicated by a small A icon - click on it to open the wizard to see this and to look directly into Amazon.

Amazon Assistant for ChromedownloadQR codeAmazon Assistant for ChromeDeveloper: UnknownPrice: Free

This may be intended Assistant

If you have installed the wizard gets her extensive comparisons that you facilitate shopping on the net and products for which you seek, compared with Amazon. Google her for specific items, you get up in the browser window, the product is displayed and see just how expensive it is on Amazon. In addition, the Amazon Assistant provides you the following features:

  • Deals of the Day on Amazon at a glance
  • Universal Wishlist on the can store their items from any webpage.
  • Shortcuts to popular Amazon category directly in your browser.

Amazon Assistant prices

Note that when activated Assistant specific information is sent to Amazon, for example, you're interested in what products.

Remove Amazon Assistant

If you want to remove the Amazon Assistant that works on the settings of your web browser for the removal of extensions. We'll show you the example of Chrome, other browsers it works basically the same way.

  1. Opens the Chrome Settings.
  2. Then click on the tab extensions.
  3. Amazon is looking for Assistant for Chrome in the list and click the trash can icon to the right of the extension.
  4. If you want to turn off the wizard temporarily, from her just uncheck "Enabled."

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