download music on mobile phone – quickly made

Phones can be used today as a perfect MP3 player. All kinds of market-leading mobile phones allow you to download music to mobile phones. You can download music from the net to you or transfer MP3 files from your PC. Several paths lead it to the goal&# 8230;

download music on mobile phone - quickly made

download music to mobile phones with the standard software

When buying a cell phone you get a connecting cable and appropriate software to connect to the computer. In most cases, the cell phone you can simply connect via the USB port on the computer and install from there the software and the necessary drivers. If the software is not available, you can download them for free on the appropriate manufacturer sites, such as the popular iTunes from Apple or Nokia and LG, the &# 8220; PC Suite&# 8221 ;. Once the program is installed, you can synchronize and transfer music to the phone, and of course other data your PC to the smartphone. The standard cycle lends itself especially if it has a large music library and want like to keep the data between the PC and mobile sync.

Quick solutions without software

Do you want to install any software or do you have very few music files to be dragged to the mobile phone, this is also quickly made using Windows Explorer:

1. Connect the device with a USB cable to the PC.

2. Go to the Explorer (My Computer). There, the mobile phone should be as &A removable disk; # 8220&# 8221; be recognized.

3. Mark the music on your PC, copy and paste on the phone removable disk.

features unless your PC or notebook via a Bluetooth interface, so you have a more simple option the transfer that works without any additional software:

1. On both devices, PCs and mobile phones, the option &Bluetooth; # 8220&# 8221; activate.

2. Taking a right click on the music files or music-Order and &# 8220; Send To&# 8221; the option &Bluetooth; # 8220&# 8221; choose.

3. her your cell phone then you must choose to allow the transfer of files is started on your cell phone you can choose where the files should be saved.

Do you have a memory card in the phone, you can also directly about the music on the phone transferred. For this you have to push into the PC and store music files on it, just like a USB flash drive memory card. In this solution, but make sure that the space is not completely occupied, so you also, for example, can save SMS and the PC does not format the memory card because it loses the stored data.

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Even more fun with more music

For the perfect soundtrack-To-Go, it is perhaps also useful to convert your audio CDs to MP3, or generally to use a program that convert various audio formats allows, for example, the &# 8220; Free Audio Converter&# 8221 ;. Of course, the search on platforms that offer music free for download is worth.







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