terminate Freenet TV

If you want to see in future private channels via antenna, you need an access to "Freenet TV". Per month costs of 5.75 euros, a year thus fall 69 euros. If you have found an alternative way to receive RTL, Sat.1 and Co. or would no longer watch television, you should announce "Freenet TV" time.

Payment can be made by direct debit or credit card. Here, also the termination conditions differ.


Freenet TV: Announce with form

Those who opt for the Freenet TV credit card, does not have to terminate at Freenet TV. The card is provided with an activation code, which is for 12 months access to a TV set to the program offer. After expiry of the 12 months access will be disabled. An automatic extension does not exist, so the subscription ends automatically.

terminate Freenet TV


The situation is different if one by direct debit paid. will be deducted every month, access is automatically extended for a lack of termination. However, the provider has flexible hours notice so that you contract with Freenet TV with a end monthly notice period can. Quick and easy does it with a form, the z. to find, via Aboalarm *terminate Freenet TV is. The form can you fill out here directly and download a PDF to print or termination online to send by fax. The online notice is indeed a fee, but there is also a notice by letter should be sent by registered post, to get on a payment by little.

Freenet TV announce by letter

If you want to terminate classically by letter, writing to:

freenet customer service
Postfach 90 02 65
99105 Erfurt

If you have problems or questions, you can turn to the customer service at Freenet TV. This is achieved using the online form or hotline. The phone number is 040 &# 8211; 348,584,455. Freenet TV offers access to approximately 20 private channels in HD quality. Public channels can still be received for free via DVB-T.


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