Pokémon Sun & amp; Moon: All Alola-in Overview

In Pokémon sun & Moon hold the so-called Alola forms feeder. These are new forms of Pokémon the first generation with altered types, values ​​and attacks. In our review we show you all known Alola forms and where to find them in the game.

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The Alola region refers to the new game world in Pokémon sun & moon and is made up of several islands. the first generation Pokémon appear here in their new Alola form and can be added to your Pokédex. What Alola-forms there, learn it with us!

Pokémon sun & Moon: The Alola forms in the video

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Pokémon sun & Moon: Alola forms of all Pokémon

The Alola forms of Pokémon not only bring visual changes, but also change the Types of attacks and values. So far, 15 Alola forms already known. There are also differences between the editions at the Alola forms. Here are Alola-Vulpix and Ninetales Alola-exclusive sun-Edition *Pokémon Sun & amp; Moon: All Alola-in Overview reserved, while her Alola-Sandan and Alola-Sandslash in the Moon Edition *Pokémon Sun & amp; Moon: All Alola-in Overview can find.

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In the following table you can all confirmed Alola forms with pictures and information about the types members. You seek instead an overview of all new pocket monster looks in our Pokédex Pokémon with all of the sun and moon.

imageAlola formtype 1type 2
pokemon-sun-and-moon-Alola-sandanAlola-Sandanice creamsteel
pokemon-sun-and-moon-Alola-SandslashAlola-Sandslashice creamsteel
pokemon-sun-and-moon-Alola-vulpixAlola-Vulpixice cream
pokemon-sun-and-moon-Alola-NinetalesAlola-Ninetalesice creamfairy

This article is under construction. As soon as we Information about other forms Alola who and where to find them, we will expand the product accordingly.

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