Test: use Netflix via VPN to bypass locks countries – is that possible?

The Netflix offer varies, depending on what country you play the video. But what if you use a VPN client to simulate a country? Can you outsmart Netflix with it? We made a test.

Those produced by Netflix itself content (Netflix original) are available internationally in general. As for other series and movies that Netflix offer in the US, Canada or the UK is more extensive than in Germany because Netflix content as such in the country streams (geoblocking).

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Who wants to see the additional there, available movies and series anyway, may try to use a VPN client. We tested whether that works.

The whole thing is particularly annoying when you're on holiday and can not even access his films "from Germany" with his German account because Netflix blocks them. In 2018 the geoblocking from Netflix to but disappear.

Netflix: Setting up VPN

Per OpenVPN we are connected to New YorkPer OpenVPN we are connected to New York
  • In our test, we have the VPN provider Perfect Privacy chosen in which you can actually anonymous and can be with cash to pay (£).
  • As VPN software we have OpenVPN installed.
  • The instructions for programming device can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Tip: What Netflix movie is available in the country, the website shows unogs.com quite reliable.

Netflix via VPN: The test

With Perfect Privacy, we were able to Connect to these serversAmsterdam, Basel, Bucharest, Cairo, Calais, Chicago, Dallas, Erfurt, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Nottingham, Nürenberg, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Reykjavik , Riga, Rotterdam, Singapore, Steinsel, Stockholm.

We have associated ourselves with New York. The proof that it worked, we could provide the basis of our IP address:

We have an IP address from the USWe have an IP address from the US
  1. After that we had tried to play the "The Office" series from the United States, which is not offered here in Germany.
  2. Unfortunately, that did not work and the VPN connection is detected.
  3. Accordingly Netflix has blocked the connection.
Netflix has recognized our VPN connectionNetflix has recognized our VPN connection

Other restrictions

Although we were able to access the "normal" Netflix offer without problems on, but Netflix has offered only the language or the subtitle of the country with us depending on the series or movie, with whom we had connected us via VPN. However, "English" was always selected.

Using the example of the movie Star Trek (2009) saw something like this:

About Oslo language and subtitle are limited to the countryAbout Oslo language and subtitle are limited to the country

Conclusion: Netflix and VPN not working

  • Netflix via VPN worked with us (VPN provider Perfect Privacy), but we could not access the content that is available only in other countries.
  • In addition, Netflix often played movies and series from only in the language and the subtitles of the country, did you connected via VPN with. English can be selected but usually.
  • Netflix to use via VPN showed no benefits, but only restrictions on us.
  • The open VPN Opera, incidentally, does not work well.

Trivia: Netflix expands constantly its list of blocked VPN services, creating a permanent race between providers and Netflix created.

Possible solution to the problem

  • Who only creates a VPN connection and then creates a Netflix account in the country, can bypass the lock countries such circumstances.
  • However there are many problems to pay the cost of Netflix account. Here at the latest Netflix would find evidence again when the transfer comes from Germany.
  • Under certain circumstances, you can access country-specific Netflix offers, if you use a different VPN providers like ExpressVPN.

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