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Over a year ago the last episode flickered &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; on the screens, but since then the series has lost none of its fascination. We have a little in &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; rummaged -series fundus and present you the best fun facts and trivia about &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221 ;, which it certainly is not Did!

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With &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; created series creator Vince Gilligan a milestone in the television landscape that could win more and more fans for not only during the individual seasons, but also over a year after its end in series lovers still has a stone in the board. Of course, accumulate during the five seasons sorts of funny Fun Facts on, put the fans in awe and one wonders how much of it was really planned, or simply found by chance. We present you the most exciting &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; Trivias in which you will still find one or the other point as hardcore fans, which you certainly not Did. Have fun!

Best Breaking Bad Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Aaron Paul has not taken a single acting lesson in his life. In his opinion, it is quite simple: Pretend to be someone else and you're running.
  • Walter White really exists! Still before &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; ever flickered across the screen, a gentleman from Alabama made a name in the Meth drug scene and even landed on the list of most wanted men in the United States. His name: Walter White.
  • Gale was already in a brief moment in &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; prove that a true vocal talent is in it, but who wants to see the complete Karaoke of him that can lead to the complete YouTube Part of the chemist to heart.

  • If the writers' strike had not been, then Jesse Pinkman would have the first season of &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; not survive, because series creator Vince Gilligan was planning to leave the Junkie ableben still at the end of season. 1 Fortunately, the organizers have once again changed her mind and left the sympathetic trailer on the show. However, any other character it had at any time can go to the collar, because as Gilligan repeatedly emphasized the orientation of Breaking Bad continuously and thus no character was safe from the sudden death changed.
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  • The episodes 1,2,10 and 13 of the second season all have black and white intros and also the titles of the episodes have a connection. If we string together the titles of the episodes there is the following sentence: Seven Thirty-Seven / Down / Over / ABQ. Already here is as alluded to the disastrous events at the end of the season.
  • The coordinates on the lottery ticket of Walt (N 34, 59 ', 20 ", W 106, 36', 52) may not result in 80 million US dollars, but however the studio in Albuquerque, where &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; was filmed.
  • A little music anyone? Then we have Twaughthammer's &# 8220; Fallacies&# 8221; for you!

  • The two killer Salamanca brothers, Hank nearly cost the lives are in real life is not made of sugar. Daniel and Luis Moncado are outside &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; Brothers and they were both in gangs active and at times in prison. But Luis still puts up a gear up, because he has the letters &# 8220; F U&# 8221; tattooed on his eyelids. Because the eyelids are so thin and you tattooed quickly to the eyeball, a spoon behind the eyelid had to be kept at the tattoo. Tough guy.
  • The last &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; scene that was ever made, the flashback in the episode &# 8220; Ozymandias&# 8221 ;. Then the team went along a tilt away to 10 drinks and Bryan Cranston a tattoo which was &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; logo tattooed on the inner index finger.
  • One of the iconic-funniest scenes from Breaking Bad succeeded the first time around, the Bryan Cranston just needed a single point to convey the huge pizza congenial to the roof.

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  • Should you have the plan, &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; to be used as step-by-step instructions for meth cooking, let it be said that this plan could backfire. The DEA of true life gave the script writers of &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; namely before which scientific facts they may contribute and which are not.
  • Jesse Plemons, the psychopaths Todd in the series embodies, actually has a very winsome voice. Tasting anyone? Here you go:

  • The last episode of &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221; is titled &# 8220; Felina&# 8221 ;. On the one hand, this is an anagram of the word FINALE and on the other hand, the word gives separately Fe Li Na, or iron, lithium and sodium. These individual elements are also the main components of blood, meth and tears. Another explanation is that the title of the episode an allusion to the song &# 8220; El Paso&# 8221; from Marty Robbins is, which is also heard in the episode. In return man back to a city where he is searched to find the woman he loves. Your name: Felina.
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  • The 10th episode of the third season name &# 8220; The Fly&# 8221; was actually filmed only from budget and time reasons. Since you need only one set and two main characters, the result was turned off faster than a normal consequence &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221 ;. Today degree this episode is one of the favorites of the fans.
  • There are 62 episodes of &# 8220; Breaking Bad&# 8221 ;. 62. The element in the periodic table is Samarium, which is also often used for pain relief in cancer patients.
  • The only main character, Jesse never sees, Walter Jr .. is

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