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With watchdogs Ubisoft sends his contender for Game of the Year 2014 on the games market. Similar to GTA or Saints Row, you are moving quite freely in an open world. Who hires too much mischief or completing certain missions must flee from the police.

Watchdogs: Police escape - Here's

The escape from the police is not so easy as it seems and differs in finesse by police escape in GTA. 5

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So you can run away with watchdogs from the police

While generally a speedy sports car, the cops can be quickly behind GTA 5, the police watchdog into stubborn are. However, there are also some tips and tricks on how their pursuits can survive unscathed. Here, you should already eighth at the start of the game sure to place your skills tactically smart to have advantages on the run.

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Sets z. B. skill points on "bridges". With this capability, you can lift bridges and can be lowered. You can give it to you an advantage in that you can jump with a reckless jump over a bridge just opened, while the police is forced to stop and you lose on the forced detour from her eyes.

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Watchdogs: Police escape - Tips and Tricks

Particularly bad finger get from the wanted level 3 also helicopter at his heels set. In order to escape the police helicopters, is in the "Chop" capabilities to the "helicopter shutdown". In the first stage you have five seconds, in the next stage even 15 seconds of silence before the flying cops watchdog. Furthermore, it is recommended to optimize the capabilities of "steam lines" and "bollard". Aiden is even equipped with them, keep your eyes open during the escape. Again and again you have to let obstacles appear on the road, the opportunity that the police from putting it away. On the screen (or other pursuers) emerged for the police to turn off the command &Neutralizing; # 8220&# 8221; on the screen. Responds quickly and presses the button indicated to the runner-up to the road for. But take care that this your smartphone battery is affected. Is this devoid of too many hoes, you have to initially escape without outside help through the streets and wait a few seconds. The helicopter can best depend by hacking. Alternatively, are you hiding in a tunnel from the cops in the air.

Watchdogs: Police escape - Here's

Pay attention to the police flight to watchdogs out, they shall not cops. This degrades your reputation and makes you more susceptible to anxious civilians immediately call in a confrontation with you new police officers. The call, however, does not deteriorate when their police off in vehicles by hacking.

Who does not hacking, but Escape, selects the capabilities "off-road rider" and "escape artist" from. The former allows you a quick getaway off the asphalt in the second ability are you hiding sent the vehicle.

    • chop helicopter
    • "Bridges"
    • "Bollard"
    • "Steam lines"
    • "Escape Artist"
    • "Off-road driver"


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