Apple Music offline use, how it works (not always)

Apple Music is a streaming service. But we can hear the music without an Internet connection - officially. Some users should present the problems.

Apple Music offline use, how it works (not always)

On the plane, in the sticks, because of a congested corporate network or on the road, because we do not have a good wireless service plan - there are good reasons and some occasions when we can best draw on music stored directly on the smartphone is.

Apple Music provides an offline use the streaming service before. With us, that did not work properly at the start of the service. Right now the launch of Apple Music free trial period could be due to bugs as well as at congested servers or networks as well as to a large music library. Who more than 25,000 songs has in his library, the function can not be used currently, unfortunately.

Especially important: For the offline storage of content from Apple Music, it is imperative that iCloud library to use. Apple provides the users of the service when booking for election. Calling more accurate information, please see Apple Music in iTunes, so you go. If you decide against the iCloud library, the window reappears when you want to save a song offline the first time. By then we have to choose the online library.

iCloud library Apple Music

Thus we get a Library that go for all our devices applies and is adjusted accordingly. Users of iTunes Match know the system already. They also know: Until own music, of which there is no copy of the iTunes Store, matched and uploaded hours can, yes days go by. So we have to give a lot of time synchronization. Up to the end of which not everything works as it should.

On two of our computers but it already seems to be a problem at this point, the synchronization breaks often from. Perhaps it is in our corporate network.

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Apple Music offline use: download music

Actually offline use of Apple Music to work pretty easy (if they work for):

On the Mac & use PC Apple Music offline
In iTunes for Mac or iTunes for Windows, we navigate the store to the riders For you or New. Here we select a song, album, or playlist from Apple Music. This can be done on the search or the overview page.

There we go next to the title on the three dots ... and select the point Add to Library.

apple-music-off-iphoneuse on the iPhone Apple Music offline
On iOS devices, it runs the same way: Again, we choose in the app music under for you or New a title, album or list and tap on the three dots. Now we choose Make available offline.

Who wants to make sure that he does not listen accidentally over mobile music, should be in the iOS settings in iTunes & App Store off the point Mobile use data.

When about Apple Music downloaded music is the way protected audio files. You can not be burned to CD, run only on compatible iOS devices and only as long as the user has booked the subscription. See also Copy of Apple Music. Here we clarify the main issues around the use of the service.

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