LG G4: users report problems Touchscreen

Currently some customers seem problems with the new LG G4 to have: user reports on the net, according to the touch screen of the flagship model does not always work properly and recognizes fast inputs, such as when scrolling or at the typical for LG Knock gestures, often not. In the forum of XDA-Developers More than 150 people are now able to confirm the problem &# 8211; Ascending trend.

LG G4: users report problems touchscreen [Update]Update June 16, 2015 18:30: LG has confirmed that touchscreen problems with some devices. but you could the cause of the fault has not yet specify accordingly exist either no solution. LG working flat out to fix the error.

Hardly a flagship smartphone the recent past came after the launch without criticism due to a hardware problem out. A prominent example is certainly the iPhone 6, but also about the Samsung Galaxy S6, users complained due to processing defects. Now, the new LG is haunted G4 short time after the launch of the complaints of dissatisfied customers due to the performance of the touchscreen. Several videos on YouTube show clearly that the LG G4 stutters during fast inputs.

In the XDA-Developers has launched a survey launched for this purpose, G4 speak in from just under 250 participants, around 60 percent of an occasional lack of responsiveness of the digitizer of LG. According to reports, just a tap, for example, often instead of a scrolling gesture registered to go and come back from the touch screen and no response. This is annoying especially in the knock-gestures through which you, for example, can actually wake up by a double tap on the screen off the device. The cause of the problem is unclear &# 8211; perhaps it is a hardware defect that occurs in a subset of users due to faulty quality control.

Currently, it is still difficult to say how big the scale of the touchscreen problems and whether really the majority of users is affected. Representative is the survey of course not, after all, affected by the problem owner of the LG G4 have more of a reason to visit the forum and there their displeasure known to do as those who can complain about any problems. In addition, the touchscreen problems seem not to have nearly as strong impact on the everyday use, as was the case for example with the OnePlus One.

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LG G4: Check Touchscreen

If you own a LG G4 and is not sure whether the device is affected by the problem may be in the phone app code 277634 # * # call. This opens a hidden service menu, where you can check the function of the digitizer "Device Test / Service Menu / Test Manual / Touch Draw Test / Manual". If the rapid tapping or swiping not register some input, a problem with the touchscreen might be impaired.

Source: Android Police, XDA Developers via Android Community

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