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Many is not known, the Windows has an effective protection system, with which you can block websites effectively. The HOSTS file manages these websites and directs each access to it immediately in order.

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The Windows HOSTS file is a plain text file that contains first in each line an IP address, then the address of a diverted or blocking website. If it is, for example,

then you can from this machine, the address is no longer reach. Any attempt to enter this address will be redirected to the IP On Linux, that would be their own system. In Windows, an inquiry going so simply dead.

One can also be used for positive purposes that. Then about the call to webcam.prv leads to the IP under which you can reach your own webcam.

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Did they now manage relatively few such diversions, then passed from hand. But once you use this effective system to block malware server, advertising server, and porn or gambling sites, then you need a decent tool. And so a tool is the freeware program HostsMan.

With HostsMan all dangerous or undesirable websites can effectively blockWith HostsMan all dangerous or undesirable websites can effectively block

This tool is available in two variations. Once as an installation version and once as a portable program. Both do their job very well and the necessary file automatically find.

If you want, you can be equal load some of the prepared data make entries into our HOSTS file to block certain web servers. These are blocked tens of thousands of lines, and thus are all currently known dangerous or dubious websites in an emergency.

But an integrated editor also ensures that we dismiss individual pages from the lock or enter unwanted sites themselves provide. In this way, the system can e.g. be used as Werbeblocketr or as parental controls. the program itself does not run dauerhaftz be made in the text file using any Windows program with Internet access because all the entries. So you can, for example, so also Skype or Facebook blocked for any other program and any browser. Easier than ever and only find experts and know this barrier.

A side benefit is the possible closure of the file to change, so the Trojans can not nest there in turn. Incidentally, the lock can be deactivated with a click briefly &# 8211; when Dad to Facebook is allowed, but not Junior. Knew how&# 8230;


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