Instagram: Can I buy an account?

The structure of reach and popularity on Instagram by more and more followers is not as easy as it sounds. The recognized some enterprising Instagram users and sell Instagram account with an existing follower followers. But are these accounts worth the money and what to look for? We answer these questions in this article.

Followers and a wide community are a form of currency in the social media world. Meanwhile, one can not simply buy followers and likes, but entire Instagram accounts with an apparently already established community. But worth it?

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 How much is a Instagram account?

The accounts offered on the Internet differ in their price very. On ebay one finds among other accounts with more than 15,000 followers for only 200 euros - but you have to say that 15,000 followers is not much nowadays. Another time an account with over 100,000 followers for about 320 US dollars has gone on ebay Ladenteke. In both cases it is very cheap offers. Nowadays, you can certainly call for 10 cents or more per follower. For an account of 500,000 followers that makes at least 50,000 euros.

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Buy Instagram account: Contra

Regardless of the price and the fact whether the offer is good or not, the principal problem when buying a Instagram account is the fact that it has no information on the followers themselves. Although you do not know has how many followers of the account, but what quality these followers. The original owner, the supporters themselves have previously bought, so you almost buys a dead community. In the worst case, the Followerschaft bots, computer-generated, the number of followers increase or simulate. Regardless of Instagram is rigor against fraudulent activities. Fake accounts and spam will be investigated and addressed.


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