Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture review: So beautiful is the Apocalypse

A quiet English village. Wonderful weather. Gentle breeze. Everything seems perfectly normal &# 8211; but that's not it. On the contrary. It is the beginning of the apocalypse. That's Everybody&# 8217; s Gone to the Rapture. More Indie&Successor; # 8221&# 8221; of Dear Esther you experience in our test.

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Everybody&# 8217; s Gone to the Rapture

For Everybody&#. 8217; s Gone to the Rapture is a game of a very special kind of your character that you control from the first-person perspective, is speechless and experienced as apathetic audience the story of a small village. At first it seems as if everything is normal &# 8211; but quickly turns out that something must have happened. Cigar stubs and the lights burning, sending radios to strange frequencies; but not a soul can be found.

The only thing that accompanies the player, is a glistening, orange light. It points the way and like a moth you follow it through the English village and learns little by little, shining through flashbacks of what happened to the residents &# 8211; but does not detect even a single time a concrete figure altogether. Everything what the characters are recognizable, their voices ring out from the sea of ​​lights. A stylistic device of a special kind, which accompanies the profundity and the consequences of the event philosophical. For soon is clear: not only the village but the whole world is in danger and on the edge of the apocalypse.

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When is a game a game?

Everybody&# 8217; s Gone to the Rapture does not live by a lot of action, extreme scenes, or even a particularly sophisticated gameplay. No, the game is basically not a proper game. It is more an interactive movie that wants to shine through the exploration and discovery of detailed, beautifully designed scenery and mysterious history. The characters that are presented only in flashbacks, all have their own story, which with those of others is interwoven and that goes surprisingly quickly to the heart. This is especially the magnificent voice actors and the brilliant and absolutely fitting soundtrack that can be heard at any situation appropriate sounds, choirs and songs. It's been a long time that I've seen a game in which in itself already the soundtrack could take care of creeps.

But that's not all. Everybody&# 8217; s Gone to the Rapture shows the Apocalypse in a new, unused type How often is the world in Hollywood movies and video games in a blaze or a (zombie) perished disease, including many explosions and dashing hero.. Everybody&# 8217; s Gone to the Rapture takes a different approach. It shows that death is not always loud, painful and imposing. Often death is &# 8211; or even the demise of the world &# 8211; low and volatile. Like a whisper in the wind - barely noticeable, but still noticeable and dramatic.

The figures are no more than sparks of their former existenceThe figures are no more than sparks of their former existence

Our conclusion for Everybody&# 8217; s Gone to the Rapture:

The Chinese Room have created with Dear Esther a very special game, but with Everybody&# 8217; s Gone to the Rapture, they have surpassed themselves. Despite the few interactions of unrecognizable characters and the mysterious story that leaves some questions open, it creates Everybody&# 8217; s Gone to the Rapture to take the player from the very first second in a spell that in such an entirely through a video game is rarely possible at all. The world disappears and all that matters suddenly are the secrets of the village, the beautiful background music and the search for the cause of the dramatic events. It often happened that I just explored the scenery and enjoyed the calm after the storm.

The game is definitely one of a kind &# 8211; But therein lies the crux. The player must engage in it, know from the start that the title is different and needs to be precise and to achieve such an effect. With a running time of approximately four to six hours and a so immense dense atmosphere every player who is looking for a serious, adult story should definitely strike.

Everybody&# 8217; s Gone to the Rapture released exclusively for PlayStation and digital 4 on August 11, 2015. It was a pre-press version tested.

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The apocalypse in beautiful imagesThe apocalypse in beautiful images

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