Heroes of the Storm: radio moose -Guide – So you play the cute little faerie dragons!

Heroes of the Storm presents you radio moose, a sweet little faerie dragons from World of Warcraft. The little rascal is a very nimble healer who also can dish out a lot of damage and recruited mercenaries with money gifts. We show you how radio plays moose optimal.

15168Heroes of the Storm Cinematic TrailerRadio moose is a cutesy Elf Dragon, a cute creature of World of Warcraft, but it has a sly old ears. For one thing can spark moose recruit all the mercenary camp single-handedly by bribes the rude fellows. And on the other it causes a lot of damage and can turn his enemies into sheep. Oh, healing does the cattle too!

Heroes of the Storm: radio moose - Sheep are not dangerous!

With radio moose you have a very interesting character support on the battlefield, which works beautifully on the offensive. Notably by raushaut many standard attacks, because they cause quite a lot of damage. In addition, radio moose enemies with polymorph shortly turn into sheep that can do anything and get more damage.

Heroes-of-the-storm-funkelchen01Radio moose is very vain and not cheap: he wants to see 10,000 coins or 9.99 euros before he joins you.

With Arcane flare causes radio moose splash damage and Pixie Dust prevents attacks and makes you faster. Soothing Mist however, is Funkelchens healing ability with which he heals all allies within constant, completely free! As an elite skill you take best Emerald wind, since you so push away all the enemies and can leave.

Radio moose in brief:

permanent cureNo single cure
Requires little ManaVulnerable
good damage
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Heroes of the Storm: radio moose build - So The Wind Serpent really rocks!

The following guide will show you a very aggressive radio moose that cures less and hands out for more. but takes care to dare you not too far into the fray and uses Bribe to pay for mercenaries. An explanation of the basics of Moba's also below the previous link and here we introduce you to her a tier list of all heroes.

Heroes-of-the-storm-funkelchen02Radio moose looks like a sweet little brat, but he really snappy is!

Feen-eaters build for radio moose

Level 1BribeLevel 13sprint
Level 4Protective ShieldLevel 16Critterize
Level 7Gust of HealingLevel 20Continuous Winds
Level 10Emerald wind

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