iPad apps: 25 must-have applications for a new tablet

In the fall of iPad Air and iPad Mini appeared - under some Christmas trees a new Apple tablet is expected to have. This raises the question: What applications do I need? We present the must-have apps for the iPad.

iPad apps: 25 must-have applications for a new tablet

What we use an iPad? The possibilities are endless, which is partly due to the many good apps. First you have to set up your iPad and then (as just popular or nonsensical,) charge a reasonable basis to software. We provide 25 must-have apps before, so applications that we for the iPad highly recommend.

  • For iPhone and iPod touch owners: 25 must-have iPhone apps

These top iPad apps software is one of the category productivity as well as for the use of media (movies & TV) or media creation (word processing, photo editing). And of course games should not be entirely absent. and go&# 8217; s:

iPad apps: 25 must-have apps


Who does not know Skype - with the service we can and phone calls video calls hold between users. And they're free. Only if we are to make calls to landlines cheap, we need to recharge our Skype account. Rightly one of the most frequently downloaded, free apps for the iPad and even in our must-have apps for iPhone listed.

Skype for iPad (AppStore link)QR codeSkype for iPad&# 124; Price: FreeApp Store*

  • Alternative: FaceTime, the (video) telephony between owners of iOS devices or other applications.


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A beautiful Administration for E-mails with practical swipe gestures and access to all the many major mail services and protocols. A second mail app on the iPad next to the iOS default is as convenient to treat private and business messages entrance completely separate.

  • Alternative: Mail in iOS 7 is quite usable. Many online mail services offer their own apps.


Good Notes 4

Good Notes allows handwritten notes on an empty virtual sheet etc. If you want to import the documents do not have iTunes or other apps (Mail!) as well as annotations in PDF documents, which is the route via Dropbox and Google Drive are available. Actually a good app, but: The new version of December 2013, not yet mature. Hopefully there will soon be an update.

Good Notes 4 (AppStore link)QR codeGood Notes 4&# 124; Price: 8,99 €App Store*

  • Alternative: GoodReader *iPad apps: 25 must-have applications for a new tablet, a classic.



YouTube used to belong to the default app of iOS. In the meantime, the download was not absolutely necessary. Since version 2.0 in the summer of 2013, the application provides the Video Service but among other things, a practical picture-in-picture function

YouTube: View & amp; Discover (AppStore link)QR codeYouTube: View & Discover&# 124; Price: FreeApp Store*

  • Alternative: mobile website YouTube.


Filter Storm New

Filter Storm is a New Photo editing software, the many tools offers - from contrast settings from noise reduction to Curves and Tone Mapping. The app is clear, the surface fits well with iOS 7. Although many tools are self-explanatory, users will cope better with the app that already have some experience with image editing. Professionals looking forward to definitely about the possibilities.

Filter Storm New (AppStore link)QR codeFilter Storm New&# 124; Price: 4.49 €App Store*

  • Alternative: Beginner use the automatic function of the Photos app on the iPad, or Photo Editor + *iPad apps: 25 must-have applications for a new tablet.


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