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The one marvels indeed building blocks: who would have thought a few years ago that a video game series to yesterday's plastic tinkering would be so successful. Probably the success explains most likely - who would have thought &# 8211; about the high quality of the many offshoots.

"Lego Indiana Jones", "Lego Star Wars" and "Lego Batman" could not only convince children with their clever gameplay ideas and a well-timed humor. No wonder then that the Lego wave back new products rinsed again this year in stores. In this case, it is Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.

The cooperation of TT Games, Lego and Disney Interactive takes the extreme successful movie franchise to pirate chest and assembled get stung for theatrical release in the lake Jack Sparrow on time. We expect 20 levels with the usual Lego game elements, a co-op and Freeplay mode and new challenges.

"Lego Pirates of the Caribbean" will be released in May 2011 for PS3, PC, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and NDS.

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