E-Plus fault current: No power and problems receiving (4 May 2016)

E-Plus you are with a provider, one of the largest mobile networks in Germany. Claims to the mobile operator reached in Germany around 99.9% in the GSM network. In the UMTS network, after all, 80% of German users are reached. Also with this provider it but not inevitable that there can be one or the other disorder. Find out here what you can do when you have no power at E-Plus.

E-Plus fault current: No power and problems receiving (4 May 2016)

Update: problem with E-Plus today (Wednesday, May 4)

Currently, the reports according to which no reception is possible in the E-Plus network multiply. Both the phone and the receiving or sending SMS is not possible. Already a few weeks ago there was a major disruption in the E-Plus network. There is still no official statement about network problems. We will keep you up to date.

Although the E-Plus Group is the third largest mobile network operator in Germany, it may well come to one or the other fault in the E-Plus network. So there was most recently in April 2016 nationwide problems in E-Plus network. Thus, about the SMS transmission or a telephone call came only after several attempts. To the mobile data network the fault had meanwhile no control. The impairment was fixed the same day.

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No power at E-Plus? Disorders and problems with the reception? Solutions and aids

Have you not received with your smart phone or tablet at E-Plus, of course, you should first check whether the Internet is connected to your device. In addition, one should check the settings if a connection to the internet in the E-Plus network is at all possible. The website of the provider's instructions for Internet settings and network problems at E-Plus find. In telephony problems often it's enough already to change the location.


If there is a fault, it is advisable to start the phone once again and re-connect to the mobile Internet. Particularly in tunnels, buildings with thick walls, z. B. Uni-auditoriums or in the underground, it is normal that it comes to reception problems. Here you should change the position to make calls or undisturbed with the mobile device to be able to go online. If there is currently nationwide disturbances, this can often account also on Twitter.

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If you however find yourself in areas where you should interference will not occur normally, but you still do not have a reception in the E-Plus network, is possible a fault with the operator.

  • To check whether E-Plus is down, it is advisable to look at the website allerstoerungen.de.
  • Here's users from all over Germany, when no reception is possible at E-Plus.
  • Based on a graphic you can track at certain times the fault messages.
  • Piling up the messages of other customers is to assume that E-Plus is down.
  • In this case, you not much other choice than to wait until the problem is resolved.

E-Plus: No power? reach hotline and service

If the device settings will be fine and no extensive problems with other users are indicating you can contact customer service for more help take if with you E-Plus is down.

  • Contact may be made by online form.
  • Alternatively you can call us the E-Plus service hotline.
  • From the E-Plus network you dial the number 1000 (0,99 € / call for contract customers).
  • From another network you reach the E-Plus hotline on 0049-177-177-1000. As a collective of übiche price your vendor is estimated for a cellular call.


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Original article of 26 January 2015 last updated on April 26, 2016


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