Apple AirPods: Alternative searched for (and found) – Overview

The AirPods Apple includes with a price of 179 euros not necessarily the bargain under the Bluetooth headphones. But are they really so expensive? And which products will work with Android devices? A look at the alternatives creates clarity.

Apple AirPods: Alternative searched for (and found) - Overview

airpods_casewe forget once briefly the often parodied design of the little white earbuds. the fixed Siri integration, the specially developed W1 chip for better sound, a simple coupling with the iPhone and the relatively long Running time of 5 hours at a time clearly favor the AirPods.

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Nevertheless, one might want to be alternatives look around before buying the Apple AirPods. Or appropriate earphones use with other smartphones (the AirPods are actually correct only compatible to Apple technology, on Android you can pair them though, but sacrificing sound and maturity are possible). But look into how you can compare the AirPods at all? The article is devoted exclusively completely wireless concepts. Thus classic on- and over-ear Bluetooth headsets eliminated. Also ear plugs, which are interconnected with a cable. Of course, this may be an alternative to the AirPods very well play the technical construction but in a completely different league. More details on Sochen models, see the article In-ear headphones in the test.

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listed alternatives to the Apple AirPods

are directly comparable only those models that consist of two wireless and thus separate earplugs and then synchronized deliver the right sound. This type of device is still relatively virgin, there was before but mainly just individual Bluetooth plug with ghastly mono sound - only good for hands-free phone call. Their descendants, however, provide true stereo sound. Following an overview of the currently available models (not exhaustive):

Bragi The Dash: The pioneer


A little over two years attended a Kickstarter campaign sensation. Then still completely without competition the organizers promised two small, synchronized earplugs for music on the go via Bluetooth. The arrived, nearly 3.4 million US dollars of about 16,000 supporters gathered. Since the beginning of February 2016, there's the finished product - called The Dash - even Amazon to buy in this country. The price is however violently with 299 euros.

Particularities: integrated music player with 4GB of memory, biometric monitoring (heart rate, numbers of steps and associated time intervals), own app
Battery life according to manufacturer: 15 hours on charge case, 3 hours of playing time per charge
Price: 299 € *Apple AirPods: Alternative searched for (and found) - Overview 

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Erato Audio Apollo 7: The noble from the aluminum shell


No less favorable Erato Audio Apollo are 7. Color-they are geared to the affluent Apple customers, there's the Apollo 7 but also fitting in Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold and "Luscious Gold".

Particularities: only 4 grams, control with only one button (also Siri), charging of aluminum, nano-coating (water-resistant)
Battery life according to the manufacturer: not specified with charging case, 4 hours (telephony), 3 hours (music) playing time per charge
Price: 299 € *Apple AirPods: Alternative searched for (and found) - Overview

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VerveOnes + by Motorola: The Sporting


Now it is more favorable, although with just under 250 euros not necessarily cheap. For this much cost the VerveOnes + by Motorola. For this, at least they provide protection to IP57 and are resistant to water and sweat resistant. Nevertheless, they are compatible with Siri and Google Now. Who can do without the IP57 protection, the reach for the normal VerveOnes *Apple AirPods: Alternative searched for (and found) - Overview and save 50 euros.

Particularities: Dual microphones, IP57 protection (VerveOnes +)
Battery life according to the manufacturer: 12 hours loading case; not specified per single charge
Price: 249 Euro (VerveOnes +) *Apple AirPods: Alternative searched for (and found) - Overview; 199.99 euros (VerveOnes) *Apple AirPods: Alternative searched for (and found) - Overview

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Jabra Elite: Built fitness tracker


Like Bragi The Dash Jabra have elite a built fitness tracker. The integrated pulse sensor measures such as the heart rate through the inner ear and other sensors detect any movement. Currently only preorder.

Particularities: Pulse sensor, motion sensors, Jabra Sport Life App, 3 year warranty against defects by welding
Battery life according to the manufacturer: 9 hours by charging case; 3 Hour duration per single load
Price: 249.99 € *Apple AirPods: Alternative searched for (and found) - Overview

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Still too expensive? The low-cost alternatives to the Apple AirPods follow on the second page of the article ...


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