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Games for smartphones and tablets with Android OS there are numerous, but so far lacked a central gaming framework with multiplayer servers and -Lobbies, matchmaking mechanisms Achievments and trophies as well as a cloud storage option for Scores. With the Play Game Services, Google has finally introduced such a service on the 2013er I / O conference.

Google Play Game Services - no stroke, but a collection of interfaces

Unlike whether the numerous leaks and notes before the Google I / O 2013 expect no concerns with the Play Game services to an all-encompassing, single point of contact for games on Android - such as the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live or Steam - but to a small collection of APIs that allow developers to provide their applications the ability to connect to the Google+ profile of the user and to realize as account-linked multiplayer matches, leaderboards and achievements.

super stickman golf-google-play-games-1
Image: prompt to log in with his G + -Account in Super Stickman Golf 2

What do the Google Play Game Services?

As expected, bringing the Play Game services next Achievements, Matchmaking services for multiplayer games, Leaderboards the long-awaited Cloud synchronization for reservoir levels - even if they are still at the start of any of the games that use Play Game Services basically supported. For the time being not part of the Play Game Services is the rumored In-game chat; possible that Google this integrated into future afterwards about his new Messenger Hangouts.

About the connection to Google + account the features of the Play Game services function the way not only Android but plattfomrübergreifend in Chrome browser and iOS.

super stickman golf-google-play-games-6
Image: The Achievements of Super Stickman Golf 2 in the Play Game Services View

Since 15 May 2013, the Play Game services live and is already supported by some 30 titles - including Super Stickman Golf 2, Plague Inc., Wind-up Knight and Modern Combat 4 More games will follow.

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