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The Outcast series based on the eponymous comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta. After The Walking Dead this is the second series project from producer and comic book writer Kirkman, which is also based at the Fox. The first season consists of 10 episodes and now the wait is over, because Fox Channel Germany today gives the first episode. You see it in Fox live stream & TV. 

2789Outcast Season 1: Trailer # 1 HD EnglishIt's finally here, the German series production for Outcast was announced: As of June 06, 2016, the shipment is always on Monday night at 21:00 on German television &# 8211; shortly after the US launch &# 8211; be seen at Fox. How can you receive on TV the Fox Channel, you will find described in detail here. You can see the show here in the German dubbed version or in the original English. Following the broadcast, customers can once again a Sky subscription *Outcast & live stream amp; TV - series start at Fox today! lucky because the episodes will be available on Sky Go, Sky On Demand and Sky Online *.

For those who do not want a Sky subscription, there's Sky Online. There, you must not enter into long-term contracts and you commit financially tedious, but you can purchase a monthly ticket and announce accordingly monthly. The service currently costs a brief ten and you also thus access to the Sky Box Sets with which you will receive, for example, access to all seasons of Game of Thrones and many other series.

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Outcast &# 8211; new work of the creator of The Walking Dead

Kirkman is a master of dark Horroszenarien and always find excellent draftsman to dress his oppressive ideas perfectly with the matching images. Even the comic Outcast and correspondingly the series are located in the horror genre: Kyle Barnes is already plagued his life of calamities from the intermediate realm. Even his mother had to fight with evil spirits, but Kyle does not want to accept his fate and goes in search of answers &# 8211; without knowing whether the end are the redemption or just another agony. But not only the powers of the kingdom of darkness make Kyle's life hell, his neighbors, the cops and a private detective in a small town in West Virginia have it in for him.

Outcast 1: In the kingdom of darkness - the comic book on Amazon*

from June in the tv series of the same name comic outcast© Fox

It is hoped absolutely, that this series will be a success, because the comic book is very convincing and since Kirkman has the magazine as The Walking Dead in our hands, we expect basically only good or a captivating and exciting Series.

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Outcast &# 8211; Season 1: Instrumentation & Info

The pilot episode of the series was directed by Adam Wingard. Executive producers, apart from Robert Kirkman, Chris Black, David Alpert, Sharon Valley Yguado and Sue Naegle. Among the actors, there are also some well-known names:

  • Patrick Fugit plays the main character of Kyle Barnes.
main actor in outcast patrick fugitTrailer screenshot: Kyle Barnes © Fox
  • Philip Glenister plays the Reverend Anderson. He thinks he's chosen to lead the fight against evil, but the alcohol and gambling more than inclined.
  • Gabriel Bateman is an eight-year-old young actor who embodies in the series Joshua Austin, who appears to be a mysterious connection to Barnes and is also haunted by an evil demon.
  • Reg E. Cathey &# 8211; a familiar face from House of Cards &# 8211; Poker plays the friend of Reverend Anderson and stands in his fight against wicked spirits to the side, although he is not really convinced of their existence.
  • Julia Crockett plays the mother of Kyle Barnes &# 8211; Sarah. She made the life of Kyle enormously stressful &# 8211; she is also mentally ill or possessed?
  • Wrenn Schmidt is the adoptive sister of Kyle, Megan Holter, who works as a child psychologist. She is also wearing the bad experiences of their childhood in their hearts, it but can hide better than Kyle.
  • Kip Pardue has assumed the role of Mark Holter, who is the husband of Kyle's adopted sister. Mark is a religious small-town cop who can also do anything with the existence of demons.

An illustrious cast of interesting characters throughout the series, which already completely captivates with her first disturbing minutes &# 8211; if one is inclined to the horror and mysteries in this world. The extension of the series to a second season was way already pledged.

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