1,500 free audio books and audio books on podcast.de

The Internet portal podcast.de with 300,000 visitors the largest European web site about podcasting. Now there is also a new category &# 8220; audiobooks&# 8221 ;. There, more than 1,500 radio plays, audio books and audio books are listed that you can download for free.

Wow, 1,500 pieces first sounds pretty strong! As is quite a bit exciting, especially radio plays that are not yet circulating countless times on the free download sites on the net. Is just not all that easy to find or structured &# 8211; At first glance, the new offer is quite confusing. On the actual audio book page the most downloaded audio books are presented by icon, to &# 8220; current radio plays&# 8221; and &# 8220; new audio books&# 8221 ;. A themed sections there is unfortunately not.

Catalog of podcasts and audio books English

Apparently podcasts are meant by the radio plays &# 8211; It is not editorially, but a catalog, simply feed into the new offerings: and here one of the weaknesses of the new offer shows &# 8211; as just various podcasts or audiobooks free of the English party LibriVox, a digital library of public domain audio books, read by volunteers, which we refer to in our Top 5 of the best English-language audio book pages. This means that you have to click through a lot through the directory or masses of podcasts and English offers to meet with German language audio books &# 8211; it is, however, too!

There are at podcast.de also an editorially supervised audiobook offer, namely the category &# 8220; audiobooks&# 8221; in the normal podcasts. Here are however not 1500, but only 48 audio books listed in categories such as crime, fairytale thriller.

The most comprehensive is the complete list of Tagged &# 8220; Hörspiele&# 8221; tagged podcasts. Here 1,489 titles are displayed &# 8211; in an alphabetically sorted list. Behind the titles, sometimes also several episodes hide &# 8211; Therefore, it is definitely more than 1,500 audio books and audio books, which are listed here.

Total holds: 1,500 audiobooks sounds great, but you have to bring some time to root and to seek &# 8211; have or happiness that can be found equal to something good.

1,500 free audio books and audio books on podcast.de1,500 free audio books and podcasts on podcast.de
category &# 8220; audiobooks&# 8221; 48 assorted audio books

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