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In Photoshop, you can create actions to certain operations not having to constantly repeat. then run them automatically from a button. We show how to create their Photoshop actions, save, and can export.

Create actions: Photoshop

To create a new Photoshop action, it proceeds as follows:

  1. Presses Alt + F9, if the Actions window does not appear.
  2. Click the Actions window, click the small pieces of paper icon at the bottom to create a new action.

    Photoshop: So you created an action.Photoshop: So you created an action.

  3. In the new window you forgive a name for the action. In the drop-down menu below you can select a folder-set in which the action is to be stored. If necessary, you forgive a shortcut key to execute the action, and a color.
  4. Click on the button Record to record the action.
  5. will you leave to run now performs all steps that her analogy for other images, automated. These include image and size changes, filters, and other inputs. When the action is done, you click on the small Stop icon at the bottom of the Actions window.
  6. Your action appears in the Actions window. If you have missed you, you can click on it and delete the garbage can icon and record a new action.

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Photoshop export options and save

If you want to export the Photoshop action, you make the following:

  1. Click the Actions window on the parent folder and then to the right of writing actions on the small icon with the arrow and the three horizontal lines.

    Photoshop: Here collects and exports its your actions.Photoshop: Here collects and exports its your actions.

  2. Selects save the entry Actions&# 8230; out.
  3. Give a location for the ATN file that contains your actions. So you have the Photoshop Actions in the ATN file exported.

In the next step you can import them back on another computer.

Photoshop: Load actions and import

  1. About Take up the ATN file that you have previously exported to the above instructions, now about USB stick to another computer with Photoshop.
  2. Click there in the Actions window, click the small arrow icon and the three horizontal lines.
  3. Selects Actions load from.
  4. Selects the ATN file and confirms the operation with the button shop.
  5. Photoshop is now importing the actions and displays them in the Actions window.

Note: Is already a record with the same Photoshop actions available, a copy of the same name is created.

Photoshop actions for free

Photoshop actions do not have to do necessarily own it. On the Internet you can find a whole range of free Photoshop actions with special effects for download. Good sites to search for actions such as:

  • DeviantArt
Free Photoshop Actions, there are about on the website DeviantArt. Source: DeviantArt - cutebb.Free Photoshop Actions, there are about on the website DeviantArt. Source: DeviantArt &# 8211; cutebb.

On the website an archive file is usually offered as a download as a ZIP or RAR. Extract the included ATN file and import it as described above in Photoshop to add the action.

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