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Wahrig German Dictionary offers free on over 600 pages, more than 50,000 German words and their spelling. The WAHRIG-Hausorthografie also carries the subtitle &# 8221; One word - a case&# 8221 ;.

The German dictionary of Wahrig counts everyone who uses the German language intensively, to the standard reference works. This Wahrig dictionary download does not serve the word description, but merely give orthographic help. So if you do not know how he must write a specific word and how it is separated in doubt, here you'll find help.

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use the Wahrig Dictionary

The Wahrig dictionary is available as a large PDF file. This has the advantage that you can have with them there on a USB stick forever. However, you need to view a PDF reader such as the freeware PDF-XChange Viewer.

Wahrig German DictionaryThe WAHRIG dictionary Hausorthografie offers over 50,000 entries

As it should be, there are in Wahrig Dictionary a proper introduction to the use. The entire dictionary is in alphabetical order and contains the respective entries usually a few additions. In any case, you find there the right items and hyphens that you see the hyphenation. This dictionary defines itself as a recommendation. It also does not cover therefore all conceivable variants of a spelling, but precisely the recommendation has to look like a word in the opinion of Wahrig editors. If there are multiple spellings, then the editor always marked their recommendation with a light blue W.

This hyphens make it unfortunately impossible to browse the dictionary with the PDF reader. Instead laboratory stands as there La | bo | ra | to | r | order. So you will you mostly have to rely on the alphabetical sorting to find the right word. but the spellings always comply with the provisions of the new German spelling with at August of 2006.

In addition to the keywords that Wahrig dictionary also contains an explanation of German punctuation. The correct pronunciation of critical words is displayed in phonetics. Similarly, the Wahrig dictionary takes into account the emphasis on the words by the long or short-spoken vowels are marked by appropriate signs.

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