Heroes of the Storm: Anub’Arak guide – the fueling Brain-Bug

In Heroes of the Storm Anub'Arak is a nasty Käferviech which was revived by the Lich King Arthas as an undead vermin. In the game Anub'Arak is a warrior who impresses with very good control capabilities. We show you how to boost your perfectly with the beetle and control your enemies.

15167Heroes of the Storm Cinematic TrailerAnub'Arak is the Traitor King of insectoid Nerubier from Blizzard's MMO World of Warcraft and a fairly thick beetle. He can fill up pretty well, but particularly effective he is to control the battlefield and to interfere with the actions of your enemies.

Heroes of the Storm: Anub'Arak - a Kafkaesque experience

If you play Anub'Arak, you should have no bug phobia, because the thick Krabbler is firmly behind Bug Power! Because Anub'Arak creates on EVERY use of any skill each time a little bug free, who then happily anknabbert enemies. therefore, spamming your abilities, like crazy to get the crawling horror upright.

Heroes-of-the-storm-Anub-arak01Goes still. Anub&8217; Arak will cost 4,000 gold or 6.49 euros.

Furthermore, it uses impale and under tunnels to your enemies to disrupt a large scale and so to keep under control. And Skill harden tanks haut her as often as possible to get out because it does not cost much, breeding beetles and gives you good tanking abilities, because for a warrior Anub'Arak has very little life. As an elite skill you take for this build locusts storm, since wreaks this good land damage and heals you!

Anub'Arak in brief:

Bug Power!Comparatively few health points
Very good control optionsSkill in aiming necessary
good mobilityBugs susceptible to surface damage
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Heroes of the Storm: Anub'Arak -Build - The Big Bug-build

The following build for Anub'Arak you build the Beetle servant to the great crawling master who spamming his enemies with hordes of bugs. But keep in mind that well-targeted area damage your crawling hosts incinerates jerk twitch. All about the basics of Moba you experience also below the previous link and here you will find a list of all the animal heroes.

Heroes-of-the-storm-Anub-arak02Anub&8217; Arak alone is disgusting enough, but if ever little bugs crawl out of it, it is really disgusting!

Bug-power build for Anub'Arak

Level 1aggressive scarabsLevel 13symbiotic tanks
Level 4beetle armyLevel 16imposing presence
Level 7bloodsuckerLevel 20Fast forward
Level 10locusts storm

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