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On Steam Analyst you will find the most sought-after items, weapons and knifes the online shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive overview and see at a glance how much a particular item is worth. Steam analyst also offers you its own key store, as well as various tools around you while doing CS: GO skins, knifes and keys support.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is indeed already a few years old, but still one of the most popular multiplayer games. In the tough online tactical shooter terrorists and anti-terrorism special forces are facing and fighting for the victory on one of the numerous maps. Particular highlights of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) are the numerous weapons and knifes that you get in the game either by drop or in cases or capsules. The weapons can you also available for purchase &# 8211; Steam Analyst helps you in this to keep track here.

Steam Analyst ScreenshotOn Steam Analyst her numerous items for Counterstrike can: buy and compare Global Offensive.Start Photogallery(6 images)These were the biggest scandals YouTube

Steam Analyst: weapons, skins and knifes &# 8211; GO Compare: Prices for Dragon Lore and Co. in CS

The Steam Analyst is an online trading tool with which you, the prices of CS: GO can compare items. Also, you can see which weapons are particularly popular and how rare a particular Knife is and what example is the average price for a Dragon Lore-gun. In Counter Strike: Global Offensive is there to get various options of weapons and items in addition to the drop:

  • Cases: boxes of skins for weapons
  • Capsules: Include stickers for decorating the weapons
  • Keys: Key to open cases and capsules
  • Passing: Allow access to certain operations (events)
  • Skins: available either in cases or in weapons collections
  • Sticker: Only available in capsules
  • Music Kit: Only available for purchase in-game menu

All of these items can compare and purchase directly purchasable through the Steam Analyst KeyShop their Steam analyst. Steam Analyst acts as an independent platform that is not directly related to Steam or Valve, but CS: GO players simply a way of offering each other to trade.

Counter Strike Global Offensive ScreenhotWith the weapons it gives you a decisive advantage in the tough tactical shooter.

use Steam Analyst &# 8211; Buy items Skins Keys for Counter Strike Global Offensive

To use Steam Analyst, you navigate easily through the various submenus for Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, etc. by clicking on the appropriate tab. If necessary, you can activate and in this way, for example, filters filter by price, rarity or popularity. In the window on the right side also you have the possibility of minimum and maximum prices for weapons enter, for example, if you are not ready 100, - € for a butterfly knife in CS: GO lie.

  • On the right side you see a menu with several other useful features. Here can you e.g:
  • View GO: rare items in CS
  • look at the Inventorys other Counterstrike players, and search
  • take part in a lottery jackpot to rare skins and keys for Counter Strike: Global Offensive online to win.
  • In KeyShop purchase items for the online shooter.
  • The float value for CS: GO-find items.
Tip: To use Steam analyst. you need a Steam account for different features. You will then log you with your Steam account on the page. Purchases for CS: GO skins, keys, weapons, etc. on Steam analyst, however, have no influence on your Steam balance.

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Steam analyst &# 8211; For more tips and tricks for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Operation of Steam analyst is relatively simple as described above and is likely to experienced players of CS: GO present no major obstacles. Here are some tips and trivia for Steam Analyst:

  • Keys for CS: GO items are on Steam analyst usually cheaper than on Steam marketplace.
  • We will not pay by Paypal but with Bitcoins.
  • The Steam Guard is also active on Steam analyst.
  • If you pay sometimes it takes a while until you get the item.
  • If you have problems you turn to this email address: [email protected] and give it the ID for the purchase.

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