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With iSpy download you get an open source camera software that can be realized by a surveillance camera and microphone.

The released under the open source license iSpy download uses webcam and microphone of a computer to monitor as a spy cam movements and sounds of a room. The software can be set up so that it sounds the alarm in movement.

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iSpy Download: Architecture and Configuration

Using the iSpy Downloads can be stored on the computer records as Flash movies, which can then be viewed with an Internet browser and available on the home page iSpy server software from outside via remote access. In this way, for example, can check at any time what is happening at home.

The iSpy download can be configured so that it will stream those images only upon the occurrence of the alarm to the Internet, even to users of freeware can be notified via SMS or email if something has changed at home and only then the corresponding application on the remote Computers turn to see the surveillance camera what happens.

Who has enough computer, this can also be networked via iSpy and monitor several rooms simultaneously. Here is likely in most cases but a professional monitoring system to be the cheaper option.

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Legal aspects of using iSpy

Prior to the establishment of a monitoring system should also consider the rather restrictive in Germany legal problems. So it is no problem to use iSpy to protect the entrance of your own home from burglary or set up iSpy as a baby monitor while you drink a beer with the neighbors. Who should use iSpy for however secretly spy on the wife or the husband afterwards without their consent, hurls himself clearly on legally forbidden territory.

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