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Fallout 3

- War, war is always the same. In the first 3D title of the legendary series Postapokylpse the famous quote applies. As a result of nuclear war mid-fifties North America lies in ruins. Life outside the bunker, also called Vaults, is considered impossible. At least until this one day.

Fallout 3: lid, monkey dead

Fallout 3 is the first joint work of developer Obsidian Entertainment (Alpha Protocol) and Bethesda who were mostly reap for their time last part of the Elder Scrolls series Oblivion tidy praise before. With the tradition of the Fallout series breaking to banish the action RPG from the isometric perspective, the two studios managed to impressively present a believable world after the nuclear disaster that has unexpectedly brought to life &# 8211; enemy as friendly.

As a player, you experience the story of Fallout 3 of your birth. Vault 101 grew up, you know, besides the life underground, nothing else. Shortly after your 19th birthday your father escapes from the Vault. There shall ye accused the warden and his guards of complicity, so you have no choice but to follow him.

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Fallout 3: The third hour falls today, unfortunately,

Contrary to expectations, the life on the surface is possible. Near the Vault have already settled people in a settlement and established a new life. But there are also other, more sinister companions. Plundering and murdering Raider, irradiated ghouls and animals and misanthropic super mutants calling you from your pacifism.

Can you find your father in the Badlands and find out what secret has lured him out of the safe walls and the constricting protecting the Vault? Arm yourself for the survival and goes out into Fallout 3rd

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