Friday the 13th: Everything just stolen?

As Friday the 13th was published a month ago, it was not the hoped-horror hit, but a dreadful disappointment. It was predictable since the announcement of the title, that the game will not meet expectations.

4263Friday the 13th: release date in murderous TrailerIs Friday the 13th just uninspired imitation of another game? A handle for a quick buck? Anyone who looks at the history of the recent horror game, can in any case come to this conclusion.

However, to consider only the emergence of Friday the 13th is not enough in the research. Much more important is a still unpublished game called Last Year, whose journey began on Kickstarter on November 4, 2014.

112Last Year - Kickstarter Trailer

The game promised everything, which also campaigned Friday the 13th a few years later. Asymmetrical, bloody multiplayer games in the garb of classic horror films. On 19 December 2014, the project was successfully funded. However, a few weeks later it was uneasy to Last Year. The reason: Crystal Lake Entertainment, the rights holders of the film series Friday the 13th, charges that one of the killer from Last Year with his hockey mask too reminiscent of the iconic killer Jason from Friday the 13th and accused the developers of copyright infringement , Strange but true: At the same time, the studio is known to operate based the famous horror classic even in a game.

Friday the 13th in the test - no more than playable horror Trash

Despite the legal difficulties the team of Last Year continued its work on February 27, 2015. But first they had to remove the offending killer hockey mask. Another dispute arose about the name Silver Lake Summer Camp, one of the first level of the game. Crystal Lake Entertainment insisted that the name is based on the Crystal Lake Summer Camp, the scene of action of the first film. According to last year developers of the name is based, however, on the real Silver Lake in Los Angeles.

458Friday the 13th Announcement Trailer

Through the lawsuit, however, the work came to the title early 2015 to a halt, which is why most security updates this year on freshly to recovered developers and new venues, such as the suburbs, concentrated - apparently to be as good as possible from the original similarity remove Friday the 13th.

On October 12, 2015 just a year after the start of the crowdfunding campaign last year, Friday the 13th was launched on Kickstarter, the official game of Crystal Lake Entertainment. Who was already in the previous year on the website of the road, where the promised features are very familiar, because the concept corresponds to 1: 1 by the Last Year including license. Following the official announcement of Last Year almost disappeared from the media perception. Instead, attention turned to the official license game.

129Last Year - Gameplay Trailer

A first gameplay trailer released the team of Last Year in October 2016. From the 80's summer camp scenario had become a '90s high school scenario Unlike Friday the 13th is the game also in the first-person and not a new third place.

Friday the 13th - Jason So you kill

So all just stolen? Does Crystal Lake Entertainment recognized the potential of a license game, after the team from Last Year was able to inspire enough people with the concept on Kickstarter, then produced its own game and thrown as soon as possible to the market? The current quality of Friday the 13th sets guess close quite, quite apart from the very suspicious timing of the project.

99. Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp - Announcement Trailer

Or Last Year but the bad guy at the end of the day? On October 31, 2014, four days before the Kickstarter launch of Last Year, Gun Media released a trailer for Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp - The game, which should evolve over the next year to Friday the 13th. If the trailer the team of Last Year inspired such a way that they were able to provide within a few days own Kickstarter campaign on its feet? Unlikely finally presented last year already from the start, the concept of asymmetrical multiplayer Hatz, including concept art, different characters and planned level - within four days a virtually impossible job. Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp is in the trailer, however, no indication as to what kind of game is produced there.

No matter what really lies behind the bizarre history of development, so Last Year is when - or if - it ever appears to be well perceived by the public as mere copy in the wake of Friday the 13th - the "original".

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