Death in Paradise Season 6: When does the next season?

The fifth season of the series Death in Paradise will start soon in German Free-TV and therefore now is the latest time to ask when you can expect the sixth season. BBC One has already ordered eight new episodes of the Caribbean sun Thriller, Producer Tim Key speaks of ambitious plans for the next season.

Here's the trailer for the fifth season Death in Paradise:

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It is a sunny autumn / winter 2017, as Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) is determined again. BBC One has decided to send the series into another round. Eight new episodes are therefore before next year. Executive producer Tim Key already talked about the ambitious plans for the next season. is turned back on Guadeloupe, a lot of interesting puzzles are ready and enough joy on the magnificent main cast and excellent guest star is also at the start. According to Key, all participants can hardly wait for the filming. It has already been announced that two of the new episodes of Season 6 to play in London and rotated.

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Death in Paradise Season 6: Winter 2017 will appear

The British-French co-production has already been distributed throughout the world: 237 countries on the globe, the series have already integrated into their programs, including China, South Africa, the United States and as well as Caribbean countries, which are close to the setting of Death in Paradise. So far, 40 episodes of the series are shot in five seasons and the success seems not to pull off. The structure of the episodes follows a classic pattern and is in the tradition of the English whodunit: At the height of the plot suspects are gathered and the extraordinary detective is the surprising resolution for the best.

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  • In Germany, the series on pay-TV Fox is shown.
  • The free TV premieres celebrated Death in Paradise so far on ZDFneo.
  • When and if the sixth season will run on these channels, can currently only assume that the series remains true to its cycle in production, the new episodes will probably be in 2018 to see the German free TV.


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