Google AMP: What is it and how does it work?

Who online at Google for current topics investigated encounters in the mobile view on your smartphone or tablet often on search results, which are provided with the symbol "AMP". Which is in this "Google AMP" indicator? And the results differ with the opinion of conventional search results?

In addition to the AMP symbol can be seen lightning icon in the search results. The abbreviation AMP puts the meaning of "Accelerated Mobile Pages". So can be derived from the symbol open up that this is to search results that are to be called mobile faster.

Google AMP presented in video:

598Google AMP Video

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Google AMP: Abbreviation flash in the search results &# 8211; what does that mean?

google-ampClick her to such a result, the website behind it is actually opened within a few moments.

  • The AMP pages is websites with messages that are kept as small as possible for mobile use. The basic structure of the content will also be summoned before the call to appear after a selection then as quickly as possible on the screen.
  • Images, banners, videos and other content will be reloaded after a call to the Google AMP page.
  • In addition, JavaScript and HTML content is compressed and images directly adapted to the screen size of the mobile device.
  • In this way, data volume is saved at the same time, the corresponding news can be called up much faster.
  • The contents are not on the servers of the publishers, but be downloaded directly from Google's servers.
  • Google AMP has been around since the end of February 2016th
  • To start only messages of selected websites, including, published in the "Google AMP" version.
  • The source code of Google AMP can be freely viewed, also can be found for WordPress plugins that enable the installation of Google AMP also for your own blog.
  • In order for Google-AMP can be used, an alternative version of the site must be created. Relevant articles will also receive a unique URL.
  • At GitHub, there is a detailed tutorial to the HTML variation in Google AMP, Google itself also offers a Google-AMP tutorial.

Google AMP: What is it and how does it work?

Google AMP: What is it?

Google AMP pages are only available for mobile devices in the browser on your smartphone or tablet. Similar to how Google AMP work the instant Articles on Facebook. These contents will be opened in a stripped form and therefore faster than the actual mobile versions of Web sites.

After Google's own words, these particular pages load four times faster and consume only one-tenth of the volume of data.

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