apply for new passport: cost, validity and waiting time

Want to make their vacation at a particularly exotic location or visit only one country prevails in the passport-duty? Now there is the necessary passport in a new design. We you how expensive a new passport is in our guide on how you can apply for a passport and how long it is valid.

The new passport in 2017 will still be counterfeit-proof (99.9%) with new safety paper with watermarks and other features.

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  • The new passport 2017
  • apply for a passport: How to&# 8217; s
  • The passport costs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Passport validity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Express Passport in Germany
  • Temporary passport in Germany
  • Passport wait
  • What if you lost your passport?

1 The new passport 2017

Since November 2005, you will receive a so-called ePassport, So a passport with an electronic memory chip. Now, on 03.01.2017, there is the document in a new design. Sun shines the Brandenburg Gate under UV light. The new passport is also slightly smaller, has a flexible cover and the pass card is made of plastic. The key to the new passport, we have summarized for you:

  • This means that he both biometric photo as well as
  • two fingerprints contains one of you.
  • The passport has 24 pages, for travel Joyous there is also a 48 pages Passport.
  • Inform yourself in good time whether you need a passport for the desired destination. The entry requirements can you find the tour operator or the Foreign Office. For example, for a holiday in Thailand, Brazil and Sri Lanka also an identity card, unfortunately, not enough.

apply two passport: How to

If you want to apply for a passport, you need:

  • the German nationality
  • a personal appointment at the registration office or the local public office
  • brings a biometric photo and
  • your ID card
  • the old passport or child's passport, if available

You are under 18, ask your parents or other legal representatives together with you the application in office.

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3 The passport costs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

A biometric passport is produced at Bundesdruckerei. The cost of the passport are as follows:

  • 37.50 euro, if you have not yet reached the age of 24
  • 60.00 euro, if you are older than 24 years (the previous model could be had for 59.00 euros)
  • 26.00 Euro for the temporary passport
  • I traveled to her often, you can apply for a 48-page passport. this costs additionally 22 Euro.

What does a passport in Austria and Switzerland?

Do you want to Austria apply for a passport, you pay from 12 years for this 75,90 Euro. A passport for minors before their second birthday is free for initial issue. Applied it to her for the second time, it costs 30 euro. From the 2nd birthday you pay also 30 euro.

In Switzerland, the official passport is &# 8220; Swiss passport&# 8221 ;. The current electronically readable passport (e-passport) is named &# 8220; pass 10&# 8243 ;. Currently, this pass costs for children and youth until the age of 18. 60 Swiss Francs, For Adults 140 Swiss francs (plus postage).

Apply for a passportA passport can you simply apply for public offices.

4 passport validity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • You are younger than 24 years, the passport is valid 6 years.
  • Did the 24 years of age her, is the passport ten years valid.

As long as the passport is valid in Austria and Switzerland?

The pass 10 in the Switzerland is for children and youth 5 years valid, adults can use it as in Germany ten years use.

In Austria, the passport is valid for minors before their second birthday 2 years, from that of five years. The pass for adults can ten years be used.

 Passports are no longer valid

All 1.1 million passports run this year from in Austria - after all, 67,427 of them today, on 10 January in Salzburg. Since these passports can not be extended, to travel in time friends should strive for an application for a new passport. The Province of Salzburg predicts a lively crowd at the passport offices from April to July. Your check in on time validity of the travel document and therefore visited time an Austrian passport authority, you get sent by your pass usually within five working days. Requested her your passport on the town, you have to longer waiting times expected.

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5 Express passport in Germany

An express passport can you already 48 hours pick after receipt of the ausgefülllten application with the Federal printing. For this, the passport costs are unfortunately also higher:

  • 69,50 euro, if you are younger than 24 years
  • 91.00 euro, if you are older than 24 years

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In the following video you should know about electronic passport learn:

6 Provisional passport in Germany

The provisional passport can only be claimed if the express passport can not be issued in time. The checks the Bürgeramt or Einwohnermeldeamt based on your travel documents. This pass can you take away, as it contains no fingerprints. However, a temporary passport is valid for only one year and can not be extended.

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7 Passport wait

Often it comes to the travelers &# 8220; passport duration&# 8221 ;, so the waiting time from the request made to the finished passport. Depending on the office this way takes a different amount of waiting time. To complete the application you need only about 10 minutes, but must usually wait 3-4 weeks before you can pick up at the registration office or public office passport.

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8 What if you lost your passport?

Have you lost your passport or stolen you your passport, you should show the theft at the Office. So he can be registered as invalid. You gain no substitute, are not even required to apply for a new one if you do not need it.

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