Best Quiet Cosplay that you will ever see

When Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain came on the market, there was a great outcry about the half-naked Sniperin &Quiet; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Now there is a cosplay that exceeds the limits and probably all will satisfy that ever had a problem with Quiets representation in Metal Gear Solid fifth A developer has finally dared to drop the shells.

5053Metal Gear Solid V - Launch Trailer

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is most players still remain in years for various reasons in mind. This is not only a great game, but also the last part of the series, which comes from the hands of Hideo Kojima. But the characters are likely to so few remembered. Above all, the half-naked Quiet, a sniper who has since been shown in many cosplays of fans.

What about the filming of MGS5?

But now there is a cosplay that beats all Quiet costumes in the world by far. And, although it is worn by a man. It is about the Oculus co-founder and former Facebook employees Palmer Luckey, who has dressed up with his girlfriend Nikki Moxxi, a well-known cosplayer sharp-shooting Quiet. And the result is both funny how amazing fit.

As good looks Palmer Luckey as Sniperin from Quiet. (Source: あ り と ゆ き)As good looks Palmer Luckey as Sniperin from Quiet. (Source: あ り と ゆ き)

The result is there to see on many Twitter images. Even visitors to the Convention, who visited Luckey in Japan were completely blown by the Cosplay and away. Nikki Moxxi has already teased that this should not be the last pair Cosplay of the two. We are curious what ideas the couple does not have in stock.



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