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Occupation: Business: All professions and careers in The Sims 4

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You dream of a large family, but desperately needs a lot of money to you the family estate to be able to afford? By profession Business in The Sims 4 is not a problem. You deserve not just a bunch of dough, but also you will always have time for your loved ones; the weekends you have also free, So what more could you want?

As a career man or woman you have to trade stocks and speculate or manage their own businesses. The pay is very high, the difficulty comparatively low. We show you below, wait what day tasks on you and what content can anticipate in detail her.

Basically, you can check out between these two professions decide if you have reached level 7:

  • investors
  • management
Large office and vile office life: the business careerLarge office and vile office life: the business career

Day task and mood in professional business

To make career at The Sims 4 in the business professional, you have the Charisma and logic capability expand. In addition, you can expect a lot of paper work, because you still bring work home to your regular 8 hours in office. However, you can earn a few more Simoleons if you sit on the right stocks.

Your daily task to level 6 to fill out reports is. For that you have to sit down only to a computer and click Web. Here you can see already filling out reports, the interaction. Your Sim then skin in the keys and fills reports. This takes about two to three hours.

If you opt for the profession investor, you must explore shares. This you do return to your PC. Your Sim then normally engaged as long as the shares until the day job to 75 percent has met. Click again on the interaction and brecht from manually to get the last 15 percent. but you can in stock investing. For this, but it needs at least an investment capital of 1,000 §. After about an in-game day you receive a message if their profit or loss you have made.

the-sims-4-business description

But if you want to management-Direction, you have to do business calls. For this you just need to the phone to click and select do business calls. Your Sim then telephoned for a short time. In addition, there is a high chance that the Sim is so pleased with his powers of persuasion that their mood Self confident receive.

The following moods are beneficial if you want to be promoted:

  • up to and including Level 4: energetic
  • up to and including Level 6: Confident
  • from Level 7 (investor): Focuses
  • from Level 7 (Management): Confident

Rewards that you get in the business profession

In this profession you will receive rewards such as bonuses or furniture. Have reached their level 10, by the way is a prefabricated room with all the items that you have received in the course of the career, unlocked. The following rewards are yours:

  • Level 2: Clothes Suit, decorative object desk nameplate and bonus over 130 §
  • Level 3: Decorative object S.A.L.E.S. Award, imitate interaction Boss and Bonus § 156
  • Level 4: Interaction With bragging working title and bonus 187 §
  • Level 5: offer decorative object pie-chart presentation, interaction career tips, dress suit and bonus 281 §
  • Level 6: Decorative object Zen garden &# 8220; Deceptive Silence&# 8221; and bonus over 527 §
  • Level 7 (Investor): Wall Art Personal stock ticker and bonus over 746 §
  • Level 8 (Investor): decorative object Boss table Füllerset, dress suit, interaction give false investment tips and bonus over 1343 §
  • Level 9 (Investor): Wall Art Chrono magazine &# 8211; Framed collectors edition and bonus over 1746 §
  • Level 10 (Investor): Desk flashy Boss table and bonus over 2619 §
  • Level 7 (Management): desk chair boss desk throne and bonus over 746 §
  • Level 8 (Management): Bookshelf Superb Boss shelf, clothes suit and bonus over 1074 §
  • Level 9 (Management): Armchair Boss guest chair and bonus over 1612 §
  • Level 10 (Management): Desk flashy Boss table and bonus over 2417 §

Business professional at The Sims 4: These are the stages of their careers

Below you see the levels and working hours and the salary, if you want to act as a business woman or househusband:

Levelworking hoursContent / hourSkills
1 - Post Offices forceMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(9 &# 8211; 17 o'clock)
16 §
2 - Office AssistantMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(9 - 17 h)
20 §charisma 2
3 - Assistant to the ExecutiveMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(9 - 17 h)
23 §charisma 2
logic 2
4 - Assistant ManagerMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(9 - 17 h)
35 §charisma 3
logic 2
5 - Area ManagerMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(9 - 17 h)
53 §charisma 4
logic 2
6 - Chief ExecutiveMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(9 - 17 h)
75 §charisma 4
logic 4

Specialization: Investor

7 &# 8211; future tradersMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(8th &# 8211; 16:00)
§ 112logic 6
charisma 5
8 - Hedge Fund ManagerMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(8th &# 8211; 16:00)
§ 145logic 8
charisma 6
9 - GrasshopperMon, Tue, Mon, Thu, Fri
(8th &# 8211; 16:00)
§ 218logic 10
charisma 8
10 - Startup InvestorMon, Tue, Thu, Fri
(8th &# 8211; 16:00)
§ 406

Specialization: Management

7 &# 8211; vice-presidentMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(10 &# 8211; 18:00)
90 §charisma 6
logic 5
8 - PresidentMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(10 - 18)
§ 134charisma 8
logic 6
9 &# 8211; CEOMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
(10 - 18)
§ 201logic 10
charisma 8
10 - Business magnateMon, Tue, Thu, Fri
(10 - 18)
§ 375

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