Huawei Mate S in the battery check: Are 2,700 mAh enough for everyday?

When introduced in September 2015 in Berlin Huawei CEO Richard Yu priced in, among others, the battery in the new flagship smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer to: Thanks to a stepped design could accommodate 2,700 mAh in the flat phablet that the 5.5-inch full HD display and the Kirin 930 chipset to bring loose throughout the day. And because the Mate S has a quick charge function, the battery may, if it because at the end of the day is running out, be recharged very quickly in theory. We tried the promises of Huawei in the past few days on different test devices of the Mate S and share our experiences below the battery with you.

Huawei Mate S in the battery check: Are 2,700 mAh enough for everyday?

We break out the pure specifications down: 2,700 mAh are not an awful lot - and a 5.5 inch display is not necessarily energy efficient. On paper, that is, the S Mate promises not necessarily to be a long-distance runner - especially since competing devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 with its 2550 mAh battery and noticeably smaller screen last all others presented as enduring. And yet, the Huawei Mate S actually makes it better.

All specifications and information on the Huawei Mate S

The battery of the Huawei Mate S: loose throughout the day

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Typical battery consumption during the day with the Huawei Mate S

In the GIGA ANDROID editorial three test devices of the Mate S are currently fewer than used in everyday use. That is, try a lot of use, a lot of screen-on time, a lot of apps. But mainly stay in a WLAN with occasional interruptions in the break transition respectively to the commutes between the editorial and the places where GIGA ANDROID editors rumdr├╝cken after work and before starting work that way. All three users of test equipment certify the Mate S unanimously battery life, up to the bed set at about midnight rich problems from getting up at 7:00 am, or 8:00 in the morning on - with remaining capacity cushion of 10 to 20 percent points. This means in plain language that the 2700 mAh battery of the 5.5 inch device easily by holding 16 to 18 hours of normal use - a very decent value.

The Huawei Mate S in the test

29818Huawei Mate S: Test

The quick charge of Mate S: not lightning fast, but fast

No, Mate S is not whether the installed Kirin chipset on Quick Charging Qualcomm and of course not coming to the Samsung's proprietary technology in the Galaxy models used. Huawei has set up its own system here, which pushes back together with the included AC adapter around 1 percent capacity per minute into the devices. The Mate S can be fully charged in just over one and a half hours, then, in a little less than an hour, the user receives at least half of the total charge back into the 5.5 incher. In combination with the already abundant in itself mileage of smartphones and the good results, the intensive and continuous users are quite meet.

Huawei so it's actually managed to build a phablet that is slim, nominally does not have the largest battery in its class, but still impresses with very good physical values.

This article is part of a collaboration between GIGA and Huawei, the Huawei Watch illuminate us various aspects of Mate south and the editorial.


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